Chuck Norris

WND columnist Chuck Norris, fresh from an impressive endorsement of darkhorse presidential candidate Mike Huckabee that seemed to catapult him into front-runner status, was today listed as one of the most influential conservatives in the U.S. in a survey by the London Telegraph.

The paper is publishing lists of the 100 most influential conservatives and liberals over a period of five days. Today, numbers 61-80 were released, including Norris at 71 – ahead of such notables as Ann Coulter (84), Pat Buchanan (80) and Bill O’Reilly (82).

The paper noted Norris’ endorsement of Huckabee last week in its explanation of the actor’s appearance.

“One of those rare birds, a Hollywood conservative,” wrote the Telegraph. “The martial artist and action star is a frequent financial contributor to Republican candidates and causes and recently declared his support for Mike Huckabee, a conservative Baptist minister, in 2008. An evangelical Christian, Norris has filled in for Sean Hannity as the conservative co-host on the Fox News talk show ‘Hannity and Colmes.”

Some finishing just ahead of Norris on the list were Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (62), radio talk-show host Michael Savage (63) and economist Thomas Sowell (64).

Others below him on the list included Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan (83), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (85) and Col. Oliver North (92).


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