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Prayer vigils to target abortion clinics

A 40-day effort by Christians to disrupt America’s abortion industry with continuous prayer already has been credited with saving the lives of more than 300 babies, and now a push is on for the finale tomorrow,

“The 40 Days for Life campaign is calling on people of faith and conscience to hold peaceful 24-hour prayer vigils outside of Planned Parenthood facilities and abortion centers across America on Saturday … to mark the grand finale of 40 Days for Life,” the organization has announced.

40 Days For Life will oppose abortion industry by using prayer

“Saturday is the busiest day of the week at most abortion facilities. That’s when the need for prayer is greatest,” said David Bereit, national campaign director for the outreach. “We are inviting pro-life believers across America to join in solidarity with 40 Days for Life by holding simultaneous prayer vigils outside every abortion center and Planned Parenthood facility in the United States … from 12:01 a.m. until midnight – any location where people are willing to stand and pray.”

As WND reported, the 40 Days has been an intensive pro-life effort to focus attention on prayer and fasting, as well as the 40 days of round-the-clock peaceful prayer vigils at abortion facilities, officials said.

Volunteers in about 80 cities have been taking part since its launch in September, but Bereit said others have expressed a desire to join, even though they couldn’t participate in the full 40 days.

“That wish can now come true,” he said.

Pastors, friends and family members all should be invited to take part in what could be the nation’s largest-ever coordinated prayer presence outside abortion businesses.

“Many churches already have pro-life outreach groups, 24-hour prayer chapels or prayer teams that are on call 24 hours a day. Pregnancy care centers also have many volunteers who would be eager to join,” Bereit said. “Call and ask them to set aside time this Saturday, Nov. 3, to pray for an end to abortion.”

He said there have been some amazing successes already in the campaign.

“Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to participate in peaceful prayer vigils outside of abortion facilities – many of them for the very first time – and we have received reports of more than 300 children spared from abortion since 40 Days for Life began on Sept. 26,” he said.

“40 Days for Life has reinforced something we’ve known all along – prayer works,” he added. “Imagine if, even for just one day, the power of prayer is put into action at every single facility in our nation where women are wounded and unborn children perish due to abortion. It can be done! And if it can be done for even one day, imagine – with God’s help and guidance – what the future could hold.”

The 40 day model was taken from the Bible, where in repeated instances God transformed individuals, cities or nations over a 40-day period, such as 40 days of rain on Noah, the 40 days on Mount Sinai for Moses, David’s transformation by Goliath’s 40-day challenge, Elijah’s 40 days of strength from one meal, and Jesus’ 40 days in the desert.

Officials confirm that seven cities already have run individual 40 Day campaigns, with results that range from a 28 percent reduction in abortions to more than 1,000 new volunteers getting involved in the pro-life movement.

“In Dallas, folks confirmed 14 women planning to have an abortion – because of the people outside – changed their minds,” he said. And in Houston area pregnancy centers reported 120 appointments set by women who had abortions scheduled, but did not follow through.

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