It remains incontrovertible fact you cannot possess legal abortion in society and still retain fundamental, universal and unalienable rights for all. I argued this with a table of eight atheists, and their arguments were as interesting as they were transparent and shallow.

All their objections boiled down to this: Someone who is dependent is killable. They didn’t like that this was their point, but, in one way or another, they kept making it. The second variant was that if someone was really, really dependent, then the dependent wasn’t a separate person. So, as gruesome as it may sound, they argued I should have a right to hack off my own arm.

A cheery lot, those blokes.

But what I pointed out to them was that these were either entirely subjective, arbitrary standards, or they were precisely the standards Hitler used to kill concentration camp victims. In other words, the pro-abortion people could not point to any measurable, distinct, non-arbitrary measure that could scientifically assert the baby was actually not a separate person. All the atheists could do was argue the baby was a dependent. Once they assert that dependents were killable, though, toddlers, I reminded them, were killable as well. They didn’t like that, but it was the logic they purchased.

But then again, these were atheists, right? They didn’t believe in a “separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and … Nature’s God entitle them.” And that’s the point. Without Nature’s God they could turn as many back-flips as they wanted, but they would never land balanced with a sustainable, logical, defense of universal human rights. No God? Then no “unalienable.”

Returning from the digression, the fact remains: All objective, scientific data that exist cannot successfully render a pregnant woman as anything other than two people. She is unavoidably pregnant with a what? She’s a little bit pregnant with a what?

Separate blood, complete and separate human chromosomes – the objective list for the distinctiveness of a human being is long. Any “incompleteness” that a baby in the womb might possess is echoed in other living human beings walking around on earth – underdeveloped kidneys, no thumbs, whatever. So, any objective standard you might develop for a “separate and distinct human being” is satisfied for a baby in the womb simply because people generally agree that “incomplete” people outside the woman are, unavoidably, people. I defy anyone to send in a measurable, observable, objective parameter that could assert the baby and mother are actually the same person, at any time post-conception.

But if we accept the fact that there are two people following conception, one cannot construct a legal framework that is consistent wherein one of the (innocent) people is murderable, the other is not, and universal unalienable rights still exist. Indeed, once the baby is murderable, you have created two classes: the punishment-free killers and the killable innocents. And once an allegedly human-rights respecting democracy has started that class warfare, there is no end to the complete destruction of innocent human beings, which must logically follow when human nature inevitably interposes itself.

The creation of such classes, if not held as a complete anathema, is arbitrary. If you “pass a law” saying A may murder B because B is “sub-human,” you could just as easily pass a law saying C may murder D. Minorities ought to be terrified of the logic of abortion, because it places the hangman’s noose in the hands of the powerful, and it completely legalizes extermination of convenience by the elite class. Unless we regard Sovereign God as the only Being with the power of life and death over the innocent, we abandon the concept of universal human rights and replace it with a special-class tyranny.

And that quickly devolves into the despot rule of the powerful; how can you argue the equal rights of B when A is permitted to murder B for convenience? For reasons that do not relate to adjudicated criminal guilt?

America has ruthlessly pursued the enforcement of the concept that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. We have willingly lost more than 600,000 men in our own civil war to preserve and enforce that manifesto. We crossed the oceans and fought terrible wars at huge casualties against fearful odds for our conviction. But we are schizophrenically abandoning it today as a matter of annihilating the taboo on creating killer/killable classes via the institutionalization of abortion.

If America wants to live, thrive and survive, it must quit aborting itself. It is not only the babies who are dying, but the very core concepts of class equality that make us all American.

You, me, them, and everybody.


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Andrew Longman is a Christian and an applied scientist.

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