Nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage, whose program originates in San Francisco even though the
city’s board of supervisors condemned his opinions,
apparently is remaining largely unaffected by a campaign to put pressure on his advertisers.

And Savage, author of “The Savage Nation” and several other books, now is getting some support in his face-off with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

As WND reported, the founder of CAIR, the leading Islamic lobby group, reportedly told a group of Muslims in California they are in America not to assimilate but to help assert Islam’s rule over the country. CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper also has said, in a newspaper interview, he hopes to see an Islamic government over the U.S. some day, brought about not by violence but through “education.”

That organization recently issued an announcement that OfficeMax, a leading office products retailer, had joined “a growing list of companies” withdrawing advertising from Savage’s program because of his opinions regarding Islam.

Now, the group ACT for America has launched an alert suggesting people call OfficeMax to encourage the company to reverse the decision.

The organization, an issues advocacy group seeking to organize and mobilize grass-roots citizen action in promoting America’s national security and defense of its democratic values against radical Islam, said in its announcement the voice of grass-roots America “is much, much larger than CAIR’s.”

“Call the OfficeMax office headquarters … and when you get an operator, in a polite but firm manner, tell the operator you have heard about the company’s decision to stop advertising on the Michael Savage program because of the pressure from CAIR. Tell them you will no longer shop at OfficeMax until OfficeMax reverses this ill-advised decision,” the advisory said.

ACT for America said it also would be launching campaigns targeting other companies that have “caved in” to CAIR.

“If CAIR can succeed in this effort to silence Michael Savage, consider the chilling effect this will have on every talk radio host in America,” wrote Brigitte Gabriel in the alert.

CAIR, which pursues such an aggressive campaign it has prompted the organization of Anti-Cair-Net, has criticized Savage for expressing his opinions about Islam, and Muslims.

However, his website this week featured headlines, “Muslim Terrorists using burqas; cross-dressing a favorite trick,” and “Muslims burn library shoot police in Paris; press buries true nature of criminals.”

Just weeks earlier, Savage came under attack in San Francisco. The board of supervisors there condemned him for “hate speech.”

It was the board’s second attempt at a resolution to condemn Savage for his criticism of illegal aliens in the U.S.

In August, a single vote by a member whose grandfather emigrated from China seven decades ago halted a similar resolution in its tracks.

The previous vote was 9-1, with third generation San Franciscan Ed Jew turning in the veto vote, after getting up and affirming Savage’s First Amendment right to express his opinion.

Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval had introduced the resolution in August to condemn the radio talker. After the vote, he called for the tally to be rescinded and the proposal sent to committee, which essentially is a polite way of letting the issue die.

“For the record, I do not agree with comments allegedly made by Mr. Savage, but the First Amendment gives him the right to make those comments,” Jew said.

“This is a dry run against free speech in America by the Islamists and the illegal aliens who are now becoming one and the same,” said Savage in August. “It’s the same organizational structure. … I am the target of this dry run. They want to see how far they can get in silencing a voice of freedom in the United States of America. They want to see which, if any, governmental agencies will stop them.”

“Guess what they learned so far?” he continued. “That not only will no governmental agency stop them in their attempts to kill free speech, they will aid them in their attempts to kill free speech. We have lost our freedoms already.

“Lady Liberty has been hog tied. She is being raped by the illegal aliens. She is being raped by the landlords who are using the illegal aliens. Lady Liberty is there in bindings screaming for us to release her,” he said.

One of the nation’s top civil rights attorneys offered his assistance to Savage in suing Sandoval. Daniel A. Horowitz of Oakland, Calif., wrote to Savage after Sandoval introduced his resolution.

“You have a strong federal civil rights action that you can file against Supervisor Sandoval and the city of San Francisco,” he advised. “You have a constitutional right to state your political opinions and no city official has the right to lie about what you said or to call for a mob to come to your door to threaten you and to try to have you fired.”

Horowitz said the Civil Rights Act of 1871, designed to tame the terror of the Ku Klux Klan, can be used as the basis for a federal civil rights action against the official and the city.

Horowitz wrote: “The Klansman in your case is wearing a suit and not a white robe. He is doing his dirty work under the hood of his elected position instead of under the coward’s hood of the Klan.”

The call for action against Savage came at the same time city supervisors were considering using taxpayer dollars to pay for immigrants’ green cards and citizenship.

Sandoval was reacting to Savage’s July 5 broadcast, when the talker commented on a group of students who had announced they were fasting in support of changes in immigration policy.

“I would say, let them fast until they starve to death,” quipped Savage, “then that solves the problem.”


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