If any one should be prepared by their faith, their worldview, their belief in Scripture and their gift of Holy Spirit discernment to see through the deception of the global warming alarmists, it is the Christian.

Sadly, however, many of those proclaiming themselves as believers have been seduced by the worldly spirit of deception on what has become one of the defining issues of our time.

One the macro level, we see Rick Warren and other evangelical leaders insisting global warming is a real crisis that should be a preoccupation of the church and a focus of government action.

Now, Warren tells WND his signing of the “Evangelical Climate Initiative” was misinterpreted.

On global warming, Warren said he didn’t endorse the “Evangelical Climate Initiative,” as others did, to assert humans are causing it.

“I don’t even care about that debate so much as I care that Christians should be at the forefront of taking care of the planet,” he said.

While few can argue with the biblical mandate to be good stewards of the planet, the “Evangelical Climate Initiative” calls for both individual action and immediate government action to curtail carbon dioxide emissions. This despite the fact that man-caused carbon dioxide emissions represent only an infinitesimally small percentage of CO2 present in the atmosphere. This despite the fact that there is no evidence carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere cause global warming. And this despite God’s promise in Genesis 8:22 that He alone controls the world’s temperature and climate, not man: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Possibly as a result of this macro-deception, there is evidence of micro-deception within the church as well.

One of the reasons my children are homeschooled is to avoid the brainwashing they would received in either public schools or even private schools on issues like global warming.

Last week, I learned that one of my children is being taught about the crisis global warming represents in a Christian homeschool cooperative biology class!

It’s bad enough my oldest daughter was forced to endure repeated and required showings of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in an art class in a public college. But now we see this agitprop deceiving even those who should know better.

Nowhere in the Bible does God directly or indirectly warn us of the dangers of carbon dioxide, a natural, non-polluting gas as necessary to life on our planet as oxygen.

Instead, God warns us about a real pollutant in our environment. It’s called sin.

Is there not enough real sin in the world for Christians to combat? Why do believers emulate the world in worrying about a phantom crisis that doesn’t threaten the natural life or eternal fate of even one person on the planet? Where is the ability of these believers to discern truth from fiction?

Warren explains his involvement with this issue by explaining, “I think it’s a good idea to get people talking.”


Isn’t there enough talking about global warming?

It is being preached to us and our kids as indisputable reality and conclusive science. It is neither. How does jumping on the bandwagon further the cause of truth?

Talk is cheap.

Honest and open debate about global warming is much harder to come by than talk.

I don’t think we need any more confusing talk.

What we need, especially from Christians, is more reliance on God’s word and less acceptance of the world’s claims.

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