MSNBC reported it “would be putting it mildly” to say a Dec. 4 press conference had “gone awry,” one the Clinton campaign arranged for the head of the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List to hype Hillary.

It seems Barack Obama’s people fed reporters information beforehand about his own pro-abort credentials and Clinton’s duplicity.

So reporters were armed when Ellen Malcolm finished describing Clinton’s pro-abort credentials and Obama’s duplicity.

Bearing in mind this was an exercise to prove which candidate most championed pre-born baby killing made the face-off (pardon the pun) crazy to begin with. But we live in a surreal world.

Reporters wondered why Clinton didn’t lift a finger to fight the South Dakota initiative to ban abortions when Obama had sent South Dakota pro-aborts a check and letter of encouragement.

Malcolm countered Clinton had fought hard against the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, while Obama only mentioned Roe once when condemning his nomination on the Senate floor.

That was the best she had?

No. Malcolm made an even weaker point I wish the mainstream media was savvy enough to grasp without cliff notes. Reported MSNBC:

Malcolm hadn’t mentioned Obama by name, but she said that those who vote “present” at tough times don’t show a true commitment to leadership – referring to Obama’s “present” votes on some anti-abortion measures while serving in the Illinois state Senate.

That was also Clinton’s major talking point against Obama on last week’s campaign trail.

But did she and Malcolm really want to go there?

Of seven pro-life bills Obama voted “present” for as Illinois state senator, three were to protect babies aborted alive. And the cornerstone bill of the three was Illinois’ Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which defined any baby born alive, no matter what circumstances, as a legal person.

The fact is Hillary voted in favor of the identical Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a U.S. senator.

So while Clinton and Malcolm nailed Obama for voting “present” on pro-life bills, presumably rather than “no,” Clinton herself voted “yes” for one of those very same bills.

I can’t believe Clinton gambled by going there, or that the EMILY’s List gang was incredibly too obtuse to catch that detail, but I’m quite sure on the issue of infanticide Clinton displayed far worse leadership in the eyes of abortion activists than Obama.

I’d love for the media to force the two of them to discuss support, opposition, or equivocation on infanticide and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in one of their debates.

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