The resignation of Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison, who was accused of trying to obtain information about a developing criminal investigation where he had publicly sided with the defendant, should not alter plans for an investigation, and possibly charges, regarding his actions, according to an official for a Concerned Women for America state chapter.

“If the allegations are confirmed that Morrison, as the top law enforcement officer, illegally sought confidential information which he was not at liberty to obtain in order to protect the target of an investigation, Morrison should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Judy Smith, state director for Concerned Women for American of Kansas.

Paul Morrison

Morrison last week announced his pending resignation because of a sex-and-political influence scandal that also triggered a decision in Johnson County to launch a special prosecutor’s investigation into his actions.

Morrison, a Republican-turned-Democrat who was supported by abortion advocates in Kansas in his campaign to defeat pro-life former Attorney General Phill Kline, read a statement confirming he’ll resign on Jan. 31.

“Many people feel betrayed by my actions, and they have every right to feel that way,” Morrison read. “Because of my actions in my personal life, many people stopped believing in me.”

Morrison announced his resignation less than a week after reports in the Topeka Capital-Journal revealed he had carried on an affair with a woman who worked in the Johnson County district attorney’s office first while Morrison held the post, then later when Kline was appointed to fill Morrison’s unfinished term.

Linda Carter disrupted Morrison’s political tenure by filing a sex harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and alleging that among other things, Morrison, after he moved from the county office to the state position, tried to have her spy on Kline’s developing criminal investigation involving the Planned Parenthood in Johnson County.

Supported by publicity generated by a group sharing the address of an abortionist’s own political action group, Morrison had defeated Kline in the campaign for the AG’s spot in 2006, and took over in early 2007. He promptly fired a special prosecutor hired by Kline to carry forward on a criminal case against Wichita late-term abortionist George Tiller, and dismissed the 30 counts Kline filed, replacing them with lesser counts.

The CWFA chapter noted that it was concerned, “in the midst of the maelstrom of events surrounding the demise of Attorney General Paul Morrison’s career, Concerned Women for America of Kansas hopes that the real issue is not swept under the rug…”

“A problem that seems to be overlooked is that serious allegations have been made concerning Paul Morrison’s relationship with Planned Parenthood and contentions that he sought confidential information about the case pending against them.

“When one examines the watered-down charges eventually filed by Morrison against George Tiller’s clinic in Wichita as a result of pressure from pro-life groups and the fact that there is much information suggesting that Morrison benefited greatly from financial backing from the billion dollar abortion industry to get elected, there should be an investigation,” the group said.

Phill Kline

Kline, while attorney general, had launched investigations into Tiller and Planned Parenthood. Attorneys for the abortion businesses battled his subpoena for records, but eventually lost, and Kline obtained redacted records shortly before his term expired. He filed 30 criminal counts against Tiller and turned the case over to a special prosecutor.

When Morrison took office, those charges were dismissed and the special prosecutor fired. He also had filed paperwork on behalf of Planned Parenthood in a secret mandamus action before the state Supreme Court that opposed Kline’s investigation.

“Examination of political contribution reports reveals a shadowy trail indicating that Morrison was indebted to the abortion industry for winning his election; it is not a stretch to imagine that he might have been tempted to use his position and strategic personal relationships to gain information about an ongoing case against Planned Parenthood,” Smith continued. “The investigation should go forward in spite of Paul Morrison’s resignation; the tip of the iceberg has been exposed … the public needs to know what lies beneath it.”

Kline had obtained the Planned Parenthood records while attorney general. When he left that office, he was appointed to fill Morrison’s unfinished term in Johnson County, where the Planned Parenthood business is located, so he continued to have jurisdiction.

He recently filed 107 criminal counts, including 23 felonies, against the business.

Operation Rescue, a leading pro-life group that has its offices in Wichita, also is calling on pro-abortion Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to find a replacement for Morrison who could handle abortion cases impartially.

“Justice cannot tolerate the appointment of an attorney general whose puppet-strings are held by the abortionists currently under indictment and criminal investigations,” said OR President Troy Newman.

“Sebelius has exhibited poor judgment in the past. After all, she personally recruited Morrison … The next attorney general must be untainted by the abortion cartel in order to restore public confidence, which has been shattered by the Morrison sex and abortion corruption scandal,” he said.

The 19 counts now pending against Tiller involve illegal late-term abortion allegations and a grand jury is reviewing the cases. A grand jury also is looking into the allegations against Planned Parenthood.

“Morrison was a major stumbling block to the enforcement [of] state abortion laws,” Newman said. “The new attorney general must be willing to revisit Morrison’s dubious abortion investigation conclusions…”

OR noted that the decision will have national implications, because “any conviction of Planned Parenthood could result in the termination of over 300 million federal tax dollars that are responsible for keeping open the doors of the nation’s largest abortion provider.”

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