A father is considering legal action against retail giant Wal-Mart after an MP3 player he purchased for his 10-year-old daughter for Christmas was found to be loaded with X-rated sex scenes, violence and explicit songs.

Daryl Hill of Cookeville, Tenn., said his daughter was thrilled with the gift until she turned it on.

“Within 10 minutes, my daughter was crying,” Hill told Nashville TV station WSMV.

The player, which came from the Wal-Mart store in Sparta, Tenn., had been returned by a previous owner who loaded it with pornography, graphic war scenes and songs about drugs.

“I wish I could take the thoughts and images out of her head,” Hill said.

WSMV said it was referred to Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters for comment. An e-mail from a representative said the retailer is investigating the issue.

Stores are not allowed to return opened packages to the sales floor, the representative wrote.

An angry and upset Hill said if Wal-Mart wants “to be a major retailer, they need to act like it.”

The family has refused Wal-Mart’s offer to replace the MP3 player.

They bought their daughter a new player and are keeping the porn-laden one until they consult a lawyer, WSMV said.

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