Al Gore stars in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

When 400 bona fide climate and atmospheric scientists, with impeccable credentials, say they don’t buy into man-made catastrophic global warming, politician-for-life Al Gore, without any evidence to back up his scurrilous and defamatory accusation, suggests they are all being paid off by big business.

I think I’m very safe in making this statement without any investigation whatsoever: Al Gore has been paid off more by big business in his political career than all 400 of those scientists put together.

Yet, no one calls this Nobel Peace Prize winner on it. He can say anything and get away with it – even be rewarded for it. He can tell any lie – and take home awards for it. He can hurl slanderous accusations that describe no one better than himself.

Big business?

Name one big business that is fighting this global warming hysteria.

Everywhere I look I see big business joining the hysteria, using it as a marketing tool, claiming their products and services have small carbon footprints, whatever that means.

In fact, global warming hysteria is big business. I strongly believe that’s what motivates Al Gore to be the Pied Piper of this global hoax. Isn’t he in the business of selling carbon credits? Hasn’t anyone figured out his racket yet? Gee, let’s see. A guy comes along selling the end of the world and, also, coincidentally, selling the cure. Wouldn’t you get just a little suspicious?

I’m shocked that so many Americans and others around the world have fallen for this.

If any of you reading this column are among this gullible group, I have some prime real estate in Manhattan I’d like to sell you called Central Park. (Inquire within.)

Not only is big business pushing the global warming hype, but so is big government.

Practically everyone in the federal government is part of the scam – from George W. Bush to the Congress to the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Education and so on.

And that’s just the start of how big this conspiracy is.

It filters right down to the public school classroom in your town.

Here’s an example of what’s happening throughout the state of Illinois. The state’s EPA enlists the help of the state’s education system to spread the state’s propaganda.

OK, let’s have a poster contest on what we can do about global warming.

The contest will be judged on, among other things, the accuracy of the content! But I will bet you that any kid who is skeptical about global warming will not have a chance to win.

This nonsense – this indoctrination, this spreading of lies – is going on in virtually every public school in the country. It goes on in elementary schools, and it goes on in colleges and universities. And there is no science behind it. There is no truth behind it. There is no point behind it except to enlist your little darlin’ into the legion of mindless robots who care only about minimizing their parents’ carbon footprints.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it needs to be said again and again: This is nothing more than child abuse. It has nothing to do with education. It is the opposite of education. It is mis-education.

People who do this kind of thing to little children should be incarcerated. But they won’t be, because big business and big government are behind it! And anyone who questions what is being taught in this new Stalinesque environment is labeled an enemy of the people.

It is also a blatant violation of the First Amendment, which does indeed prohibit Congress from making any law that establishes a state religion.

Guess what? Global warming is indeed a state religion – and it is being spread coercively using all the power of big government and big business to do it.

Just see how the “heretics” are treated – even if they do happen to be 400 of the most prominent climate scientists in the world.

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