Donna Holman

An Iowa grandmother has been banished to jail, including a night in isolation, after refusing to give in to a judge’s demand that she submit to a psychiatric exam and take psychotropic drugs if prescribed to mitigate her opposition to abortion, her husband has confirmed.

“It is not ‘my body, my choice?'” Donna Holman told Johnson County District Court, giving new meaning to a common pro-abortion slogan, in her pleadings submitted in support of her request for a reconsideration of her sentence.

“I find it especially strange and abhorrent that a female judge would somehow think it is normal for Planned Parenthood to systematically kill babies in the womb, but abnormal for me to oppose these serial killers,” the court pleading said. “Is it not hypocritical for this court to acknowledge a women’s purported right in seeking medical help for destroying her child, while denying me the basic right to refuse ‘medical help?”

“This court is apparently questioning my morality!” she wrote.

At issue is the 72-year-old grandmother’s arrest and conviction for “harassment” and “disorderly conduct” while she was trying to provide sidewalk counseling to women scheduled for abortions at the Iowa City, Iowa, abortion business.

She was arrested Nov. 1, 2006, during a routine sidewalk counseling session in front of Planned Parenthood’s business.

A video of the alleged confrontation showed no harassment, according to Holman’s husband, Dan, and he said, “the Jane Doe victim/witnesses whom Mrs. Holman purportedly harassed [were] subpoenaed but did not show up for court.”

However, Johnson County Magistrate Karen Egerton was not impeded by those issues in declaring Mrs. Holman guilty based on the hearsay testimony of Planned Parenthood employees, his statement said.

A spokesman in the Johnson County court complex, who refused to identify himself to WND, said the only person who could respond to questions about the case was out of the office.

And a supervisor in the Iowa City police department said he had no knowledge of the case and couldn’t respond to questions.

Donna Holman was given a 30-day suspended sentence, a year’s probation, banned from sidewalk counseling for her lifetime, and ordered to get a psychiatric evaluation and if prescribed, to take medications, her husband told WND.

He said Egerton is insisting that his wife be examined by a psychiatrist, which she is refusing to do, and then “take psychotic drugs if they are prescribed” – all for advocating for the pro-life side in the abortion arguments.

Dan Holman said his wife had submitted a “psychological” evaluation to the court, but Egerton insisted on a “required psychiatric evaluation conducted by a psychiatrist licensed in the state of Iowa.”

But he told WND his wife refused, and as a result was hauled to jail this week, and ordered to strip, which she also refused to do, so jailers confined her overnight to an isolation cell without any blankets.

“With no blanket to keep her warm she was kept awake all night because of the cold,” he said.

Dan Holman told WND his wife is scheduled for a release date of Feb. 14, but still will refuse to be examined or take medication. In her request for reconsideration, she explained her point.

“I believe psychiatry to be a pseudoscience on par with astrology, fortune telling, and palm reading. Must I be punished for my refusal to recognize psychiatry as a legitimate medical science? What gives this court the right to order medical help for which I have no need or desire? … Must I also ingest mind altering prescribed psychotropic drugs to satisfy this court order? Does this court routinely order psychiatric evaluations for misdemeanor convictions?”

“This court is acting as if it were lawful and morally righteous to slaughter the unborn. Yet 35 years ago it was unlawful, and unrighteous. Does changing the law change morality? … In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Negro is ‘chattel.’ By denying Dred Scott his freedom, slavery was made ‘safe and legal.’ Had I stood before this court for opposing slavery or the ‘Jim Crow laws’ instead of aborticide, would this court suspect me of being mentally deficient or ill?”

Dan Holman told WND the arrest and conviction appeared to be pre-arranged between Planned Parenthood officials and the police department, since the day she was arrested there were others, including himself, who were making far more noise trying to get the attention of women scheduled for abortions.

“They claimed her voice could be heard inside the clinic while she was trying to talk to the woman. … On the video I am screaming my head off, 10 times louder,” he said.

He said he and his wife are fulltime members of Missionaries to the Preborn, and he noted that he’s raised opposition from within pro-life ranks as well as those in the abortion industry. “They hate us,” he told WND.

He is on record with the Associated Press as praising those who kill abortion providers, but admits he never could do violence himself.

He’s been described by officials with the National Abortion Federation as someone who “clearly is dangerous,” and by officials with Iowa Right to Life, as someone who has caused “grief.”

In a YouTube video, the Holmans are seen standing on a street corner in Iowa with a sign that reads “Hillary’s Holocaust.” Several commenters on the video were terse.

“dan Holman should have been arrested if not shot. Hey that would be a good pic for his wife to hand out dans blood in the snow!!!!” said gretzfan216.

“I am from Fort Madison and Pro-Life. The Holman’s (sic) are an embarrassing disgrace to Iowa and the right to life movement,” added “sheik718.” “Dan and Donna Holman’s antics have done nothing but re-energize the pro-choice movement.”

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