It’s too bad the people running for president in this country are loathe to mention it and the dangers we face.

Sept. 11 images are seared into my memory, especially scenes of people jumping from the towers. It was difficult to comprehend. What a scandal that our media avoid using those images because of political correctness.

It’s still difficult to believe so many people were killed that morning

It was a senseless loss of life, but to the perpetrators and others who plan more of the same, it was a dream come true. It gave them an incentive to try again. They have. And they do.

Why don’t we hear our leaders – our politicians – speak about this insidious enemy and the depth of the threat to us?

We seem to have forgotten the dead.

We know who did it and why. We know Islamic militants used terrorist tactics that day against the United States. It wasn’t the first time or the last.

Other countries have been hit in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The tactics are the same: Islamic terrorists using their religion as the reason for their cowardly plots to undermine and destroy the “enemy” they call the “great Satan” and “infidel.”

If you have any doubt who they mean, consider this: If you are not Muslim, they mean you and want you dead or converted. They’re consistent and clear about that, even sending tape messages telling us their plans for us, and their opinion of our way of life.

Politically correct, they’re not. Unfortunately, we are – and that could be the death of us. That’s exactly what they want.

When was the last time you heard an elected official talk about this enemy and why we must protect ourselves and indeed, the western world?

Since 9/11, the United States hasn’t been directly attacked, but plots have been thwarted. Homeland Security, for all the criticism, has kept us relatively safe. Perhaps that’s the most we can ask for, but for us to think there’s no danger is beyond na?ve.

There’ve been plots to blow up American embassies and other facilities, to gain entry to military bases and kill soldiers and fake charities providing fronts to raise money for jihad activities. There’s more.

Why do the media resonate with claims that since we haven’t been attacked, claims of danger are exaggerated?

Worldwide, militant Islam plots – England, Spain and Scotland were attacked. Those were big news stories, but worldwide, Islamic militants regularly attack churches, businesses, tourists and individuals.

The media ignore most of this; politicians say nothing.

On Christmas Eve, al-Qaida terrorists shot and killed French tourists picnicking in Mauritania. Al-Qaida militants attacked a tourist convoy in Yemen, killing three; it was the second such attack recently.

An al-Qaida plot to kill Queen Elizabeth during her Africa visit has been revealed.

French police uncovered a plot by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Eiffel Towel.

Spanish police just stopped an extensive plot targeting the Barcelona subway system. Their search of locations, including mosques, uncovered timers, clocks, cartridges, batteries detonators and more.

Fourteen suspected Islamic militants are under arrest, and ABC News reports a manhunt for other terror cell members has spread across the EU because of plans to attack outside of Spain.

Why aren’t these attacks and plots reported by media as part of the terrorist war against the West?

In Europe, al-Qaida recruits white Europeans to convert to Islam for the purpose of planning and carrying out terrorist attacks.

The Scotsman reports that security experts call it “a growing army of white terrorists” (at least 1,500 in England). That’s a “particularly serious threat.”

We’re not immune. American Adam Gadahn converted to Islam and is one of the FBI’s top ten most wanted terrorists. There are others.

We get silence from American politicians. Whoever is elected president will face these crises. What would they do? How would we know?

In the last week:

An Indian Imam issued a fatwa (death order) against a Bollywood actor because Madame Tussaud’s in London made a wax image of him.

Muslims in Belarus complained, so the editor of an independent newspaper was sentenced to three years in prison (and the newspaper shut down) for reprinting some of those infamous Danish cartoons which portrayed Muhammad.

When the cartoons first appeared in Denmark in 2005, Muslim rioting killed more than 139 people and caused thousands in damage worldwide.

A reporter for an Afghan newspaper faces death for “insulting Islam.” He passed around an article from a website questioning why Muslim women can’t have many husbands just as men can have multiple wives.

A British government agency rejected an award for a children’s book based on “The Three Little Pigs,” fearing offense to Muslims. Anticipating the release of a 10-minute anti-Islam film produced by Geert Wilders, founder and chair of the far-right Party for Freedom, Dutch police prepare for the worst. There’s concern about violence across Europe. Homeland Security and the FBI issued a report saying it’s “unlikely” there’ll be violence in the U.S.

Who has the courage to talk about these dangers?

All we get are politicians vying for power and votes. They talk platitudes and make expensive promises.

None of that will be worth a hill of beans if the militant Islamists continue their inroads into our country.

By ignoring reality, the enemy concludes we’re weak and easily manipulated. Judging by the campaign rhetoric from both parties, they’d be right.

Candidates are afraid to use the word terrorism

But I don’t want a coward for president.

Now what?

Smoldering remnants of twin towers

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