… I believe I’m on assignment from God in this position.

~ Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Liberals hate religion because politics is a religion substitute for liberals and they can’t stand the competition.

~ Ann Coulter, “Slander” (2002)

Show me a monopoly (liberalism) and I’ll show you a tyranny (Detroit).

As many of you may know, Detroit, or “Motown,” has frequently been in the news as of late for many notorious reasons. The controversy centers primarily on Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, aka “America’s first hip-hop mayor.” If that moniker is true, there is a good reason why many adults over 40 despise this depraved, hip-hop thug culture.

Much has been written on the prurient aspects surrounding the text messages the mayor exchanged with his longtime lover and now ex-chief of staff, Christine Beatty. Some of these communications were released Jan. 23 after the Detroit Free Press obtained them via a Freedom of Information Act request.

New details of this evolving, epic scandal brings into the fray Birmingham, Mich., attorney Norman Yatooma, the lawyer representing the 14-year-old son of Tamara Greene, one of the exotic dancers at the mayor’s Manoogian Mansion party who was later murdered in a drive-by shooting in front of her house. On Monday, attorney Yatooma submitted subpoenas in federal court for 18,000 city workers in his quest to find out why the party that lead to the murder of Tamara Greene was covered up by the mayor and his surrogates.

However, in this column I want to digress from the prurient to the political and philosophical, namely, is there some correlation between this Democrat mayor’s personal failures and the collapse of liberalism in predominantly black cities across America?

What is liberalism? Generally, it is the political philosophy that the Leviathan State has all the answers to the intractable problems that have plagued mankind – from war, famine, pestilence, taxes, poverty, health care to race/racism, employment, discrimination, housing, economics, crime, law, education and the environment. I, too, believe that government has some role in addressing these concerns, but liberalism contends that not only is government the answer, it is the only answer.

Seventy-five years since FDR’s “New Deal” and 40 years since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs, these societal problems have only grown exponentially as shyster lawyers, craven bureaucrats and rapacious pols on both sides of the aisle cry for more tax dollars to fund more ever-expanding government programs. For over 100 years, activist liberal judges have despised the original intent of the Constitution’s framers, creating case law allowing confiscated tax dollars taken from one group of people (producers) to be given to another group of people that didn’t earn it (takers). Liberals call that “redistribution” or “socialism.” I call that legalized thievery.

How does the failure of liberalism relate to our young black mayor here in Detroit? Mayor Kilpatrick, a liberal Democrat, was twice elected by a city that has the largest black population of any big city in America (88 percent). Like many big cities all over America, Detroit has been a singularly black city since the 1967 riots as whites (and many educated blacks) fled to the suburbs – and reminiscent of the majority whites had before them, black people robotically voted for skin color under the false presumption that a black person is intrinsically better to govern black people than any other race.

These racist and diabolical suppositions have brought tragic consequences both in Detroit and in large cities all over America as one black liberal Democrat mayor after another has generally left their cities in more catastrophic shape than when they took office, yet black people keep putting black liberals in office. This is irrational politics. This is the crisis of philosophy.

Liberalism achieves and maintains its power primarily by two means: first, perverting human nature and the Constitution – for instance, slavery, abortion and the “separation of church and state.” To exist and to flourish, liberalism demands a strict separation between morality and public policy, which means that liberalism takes all of the Ten Commandments, distorts them, and bequeaths to society the “Ten Commandments of post-60’s liberalism.”

Second, liberalism divides and conquers. FDR (1933-45) won an unprecedented four terms as president not because he was one of the best presidents America has ever produced (the only “Roosevelt” enshrined on Mt. Rushmore is FDR’s cousin, Theodore), but FDR was a master Machiavellian politician who perfected the art of “the end justifies the means.”

FDR would do anything to win elections and wield political power. He built his bulletproof coalition of working-class white ethnics, New England elites, Hollywood, intellectuals, women, blacks, Jews, liberals, socialists, communists, anarchists and big-city machines like Tammany Hall in New York and later the Daly machine in Chicago – a formidable Democrat coalition that exists to this day.

Originally, I titled this column, “Detroit’s demise is the failure of liberalism,” which is of course true, but Detroit and other big cities’ predicament is not so much the failure, but the triumph of liberalism, for if people are prospering, thriving and living intelligent, happy and moral lives, liberalism withers on the vine and dies.

Liberalism only prospers where there is angst, societal upheaval, cultural chaos, crime, apostasy, disorder, jealously, corruption and a zero-sum gain – the idea that all resources are finite, therefore if one group of people appears to be doing well, liberalism teaches another group that their success is at your expense and you’ve got to get even.

Because of liberalism alone, Detroit has languished in despair for over 40 years – Detroit is often the murder capital of America; 50 percent of Detroiters are functionally illiterate; only 22 percent of entering high school freshman actually graduate from the Detroit Public Schools. And if you’re an African-American male, you have 73 percent unemployment in your 20s if you drop out of school and a 60 percent chance of going to jail. Seventy percent of all black births in America are outside of wedlock. Black women are 6 percent of the population, yet have over one-third (36 percent) of all abortions in America.

Where is the Congressional Black Caucus on these critical issues affecting their own people? Oh, that’s right, the chair of the CBC is none other than Mayor Kilpatrick’s mother, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., who has literally been in hiding since the text message scandal broke.

What good is a revitalized downtown Detroit if the people don’t have the vision, discipline and intelligence to keep a city from becoming a ghetto throughout its neighborhoods?

Indeed, Mayor Kilpatrick did not originate all these ills affecting Detroit. These tribulations originated from antiquity. However, liberalism, which I call the separation of public policy from morality, is the controlling philosophy of the Democrat Party for the past 75 years and has helped to exacerbate these and many other evils plaguing black people in cities and towns across America.

Liberalism will continue to plague American society and culture until a Reagan, a Churchill or a Plato’s philosopher-king rises up to lead America away from liberalism, away from socialism and lead the people back to Reason, back to personal responsibility and back to civilized government. Obama, Hillary and McCain cannot and will not do this.

Show me a monopoly (liberalism), and I’ll show you a tyranny (Detroit).

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