It’s interesting to watch pro-aborts fight. They confine themselves to a war of words when picking on someone their own size. No dismembering, no decapitating, how refreshing.

Right now they’re engaged in a rarely seen public snarl over which Democrat presidential candidate to support. This will likely stop after they pick a nominee, so the pack can resume attacking the Republican.

Meanwhile, the rift is revealing.

It got so nasty NARAL President Nancy Keenan felt compelled to issue a public “Can’t we all just get along?” statement Jan. 24, shaming unnamed accusers for saying Barack Obama was not bloodthirsty enough.

That would be Hillary Clinton. She started the chatter late last year, publicizing as weak Obama’s “present” votes on abortion while a state senator.

But in New Hampshire Clinton may have overdone it, winning the primary battle by 2 close points after stirring up a nest of pro-aborts with a last minute communications barrage insinuating Obama was – gasp, pro-life? – by being “unwilling to take a stand for choice.”

But Clinton left in her Granite State wake, according to the Concord Monitor, some “remarkably angry” pro-aborts who think Clinton was “deliberately dishonest” about Obama’s sterling death record. Worse, the “slash-and-burn politics … has implications for the state’s Democratic leaders in the months ahead.”

Those implications are being far felt and widely debated throughout the liberal web, blogosphere and even the mainstream media.

Here’s how the pro-abort battle lines are being loosely drawn.

The grumpy old feminists, who for half a century have been decrying sexism, are herding around Hillary because she’s a woman, the epitome of chauvinism.

There are reports lesbians are also flocking to Hillary, but I’ve thought for some time grumpy old feminists and lesbians were one and the same. The president and vice president of NOW in my state are live-in lesbian lovers, for instance. So that may not be news.

On Obama’s side we have the abortion industry types, like Planned Parenthood. They thrive in large part on government subsidies and helpful political hands that slap back pro-life legislation. In Obama they see a sugar daddy, the epitome of chauvinism. Wait, I just said that about Hillary’s clique. Hm.

But this crowd is really unnerved by Hillary’s perpetuation of Bill’s “safe, legal, and rare” mantra.

And they just don’t trust her. Wrote Frances Kissling, former head of Catholics for a Free Choice and an Obama supporter, “I am more suspicious of Senator Clinton because as much as I respect her, she has more than once failed the movement.”

An illustrious group of feminists endorsed Clinton, including Gloria Steinem; Kim Gandy, president of NOW; and Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority Foundation.

But the list also included Cecelia Fire Thunder, that former abortion nurse turned president of the South Dakota Oglala Sioux Tribe who was impeached in 2004 for announcing the launch of an abortion mill on her reservation without checking with anyone.

And it included U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She testified against the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act in 2000 because it was a “direct contravention of Roe v. Wade and subsequent Supreme Court rulings.” This woman is double befuddled. She’s pro-infanticide but supporting Hillary, not Barack? I don’t understand.

So these were mixed bags. But they all agreed, “We believe that Hillary Clinton is the best choice for president of the United States.” “Choice,” I get it. Witty!

You’d think minority pro-abort women would be in a real quandary, but it doesn’t appear so. They are coalescing around Obama, partially in reaction to perceived (white?) feminist pressure, and partially because “the wounds of racism are deeper than the wounds of sexism,” says University of Wisconsin bioethicist Alta Charo, an Obama supporter.

I’d argue that last statement to be patently false, but whatever.

Charo also noted, “The younger women seem to feel less constrained about choosing between Obama and Clinton.”

That’s because they’re not hypocritical, paranoid, bitter and abortion-obsessed; in a feminist nutshell, crazy.

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