Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appearing at “The World Without Zionism” conference Oct. 26, 2005

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who says “scholars” have every right to question the existence of the Holocaust, now has described Israel as a “filthy black germ” that was set loose on the Middle East by those who wanted to “use it as a pretext” to have their way.

And he warned those who oppose Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power he no longer will “joke” about the issue. “We consider the [nuclear] issue a done deal,” he said.

The comments were captured on video and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent, non-profit organization that monitors and reports on developments in the Middle East.

Ahmadinejad took over his role as Iran’s leader in 2005 after serving in the Revolutionary Guards and in other leadership posts. His insistence on continuing a program to pursue nuclear power, as well as his support for militant organizations in Iraq and other Mideast countries, have put him at odds with many leaders in the U.S.

He’s also steadfastly opposed Israel’s right to exist, and has urged Iranians to prepare for the coming of an Islamic messiah, the Mahdi, by turning the country into an advanced Islamic society and by avoiding the corruption and excesses of the West.

As WND reported, some fear a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic could trigger the kind of global conflagration Ahmadinejad envisions will set the stage for the end of the world.

His newest comments were from two appearances he made on Feb. 20, and Feb. 24, according to MEMRI.

“Take a look at our region,” Ahmadinejad said. “They have created a filthy black germ, known as the Zionist regime, in order to set it loose on the peoples of the region, like a wild beast, and in order to use it as a pretext to impose their policy on the peoples of the region.”

He accused Israel of being “so devoid of human qualities that in full view of billions of people, they threaten to carry out assassinations. They assassinate devout and patriotic believers, and then they hold celebrations. You saw what they did to the brave son of Lebanon [Imad Mughniyah], who stood up to the brutal Zionist invasion into the land of Lebanon, and who humiliated the Zionists.”

He said his nation’s pursuit of a nuclear program is “a done deal.”

“The enemy not only wanted to prevent us from producing a bomb, from producing [nuclear] fuel, from enriching uranium, and from achieving advanced technologies. Even though all these things are of great importance, and today’s enemies of humanity are very anxious that the Iranian people will accomplish them one day, they are even more anxious because the Iranian people are steadfast in their nobility, in their grandeur, and in their defense of the human and divine honor and sanctity of the Iranian people,” he said.

He warned that the nation is ready to respond to those interests who oppose Iran’s advance into the nuclear world.

“If they decide to keep this up, we have a response already prepared, and any country that takes action [by imposing sanctions] will see that the Iranian people will act differently toward it. They should know that we will act differently, whether it is a European country or not. If they take any action, whether by putting a freeze on finances or products, they should know that we have prepared firm action against this. We will not joke around with any of them,” he said.

He also forecast that the “superpowers of arrogance” would be dragged “off their thrones.”

The real situation is that critics are not yet familiar with the Iranian people, he said.

“They are not yet familiar with the strength and greatness of the Iranian people. That is why they make mistakes time and again,” he said.

The solution, however, is simple as Ahmadinejad sees it.

“They must apologize to us,” he said. “They have delayed our progress for four or five …. for two and a half years. They have stopped our scientific development in important nuclear matters. They owe us. They must compensate us.”

MEMRI also has posted a series of videos on Ahmadinejad’s speeches and commentary.

WND previously reported when Ahmadinejad claimed the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks already have been used as an excuse to attack and kill “hundreds of thousands” of people.

He asked for, but was denied, permission to visit the downtown New York City location where terrorists hit the World Trade Center towers, bringing them to the ground and killing almost 3,000 people.

“Why did such an incident take place? We need to get to the root causes,” he said. “We don’t want them to turn this incident, in 20 years’ time, into another false idol like the Holocaust, which they would use as a pretext to kill peoples, and to prevent anybody from opening this box and examining what really happened in this incident.

He continued, “They might turn 9/11 into something sacred, and whoever does not accept it would be considered an infidel, whereas whoever accepts it would have to accept all the ensuing crimes.

WND also has reported on claims by an adviser to Ahmadinejad that Adolph Hitler was Jewish, was working for powerful Jews and wanted to create a new Jewish state.

Mohammad Ali Ramin has made statements Hitler acted in cooperation with Britain, since the latter shared Hitler’s desire to force the Jews out of Europe and into a new Jewish state.

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