Well, I just watched an undercover video filmed by the Humane Society at a California beef plant where cows were supposedly tortured and killed, and I must say I’m disgusted.

Prime-time news shows aired clips of this video last week with no warning of its graphic nature. I’m glad my 7-year-old grandson wasn’t around, or I might have had to explain where hamburger comes from.

What’s wrong with these Humane Society people? Don’t they have better things to do with their time? Perhaps they could alleviate this problem, if there really is a problem, by pasturing their own cow herds if they really cared.

Anyway, I’m quite sure this video is a fake.

And even if not, I don’t believe cows feel pain when being plowed by forklifts. No one can prove to me that they do. Flinching when prodded with pokers is a visceral response. Struggling when dragged by cow hooks is a primal reaction, certainly not related to pain. Cows can’t talk; therefore cows can’t feel pain. That’s just a fact.

Many cows in the video were sick or maimed anyway. Slaughtering them was best for all. What else would we do with them? No one wants them. We’re just putting them out of their misery. I’m sure they would agree if they could talk.

I realize some people have a psychological problem because these defective cows were killed for human consumption. OK, fine. Why not use them for experimentation instead? They are going to die anyway, so let’s put them to good use. Maybe we’ll find the cure for Mad Cow Disease.

These Humane Society people are obsessed. They should get a life. They may dislike how meat plants slaughter cows, but they need to accept their choice. These anti-meat eaters are just trying to impose their whacky sense of morality on the rest of us. I’m not particularly fond of steak but others are.

With so many real problems in the world, I don’t know why the Humane Society is so focused on these unwanted cows that would otherwise raze America’s pasturelands of grass.

Now these moo-gooders will want to regulate the cow slaughtering industry. This is a terrible idea. It would only make it harder on cattle ranchers and drive up meat prices.

Anyway, I know the real goal of Humane Society types is to wipe out the industry altogether. That is a worse idea. It would just drive slaughter into the cattle back yards and make ranchers, who are just going to market cows anyway, into criminals.

At its core, this is a religious issue anyway. I recall the Israelites created a golden calf when Moses was on Mount Sinai getting the Ten Commandments. This is all related. Animal rights wingnuts can’t impose their spiritual beliefs on the rest of us.

Next thing you know these quacks will target the veal industry. Then we’ll see all out war between the calves and calve-nots.

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