The improvised explosive device went off at approximately 3:45 a.m., shattering glass and twisting the building’s metal frame.

Some will dismiss this as just another attack on our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

But, the attack didn’t take place in the Middle East – the attack against our troops took place here on American soil.

The bombing of the military recruiting center located at Times Square in New York City is still under investigation. Police report a hooded individual leaving the scene on a bike just prior to the bomb’s explosion. Eight Democratic politicians received letters providing a warning of the attack before it took place.

This alarming development for the pro-troop movement follows a series of violent attacks against military recruiting centers all across the United States by the self-proclaimed “non-violent” members of the peace movement.

These left-wing radicals have a red-hot hatred of our troops that is so intense they will not only take to the streets to protest our troops’ missions in the war on terror, but they will engage in acts of aggression against our troops here at home.

It’s all part of a sickening campaign called “counter-recruitment” being conducted by a coalition of leftist groups, including most notoriously, Code Pink.

On its website, Code Pink has dedicated several sections to instructing supporters on ways that they can interfere with the work of military recruiters. It’s all available for the public’s inspection at the website.

All across the country, anti-American activists have taken up the call. They have already attacked military recruiting centers in cities including Washington, D.C., Berkeley, Calif.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Toledo, Ohio; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Pittsburgh, Penn.; and Haverhill, Mass. This is just a partial list.

What is so galling is these people have the nerve to tell us that while they don’t support the missions of our troops, they nonetheless really do support the individuals.

By harassing them? By vandalizing their offices? By calling them “murderers” and “rapists”? By bombing their offices?

In Toledo, Ohio the anti-war activists threw buckets of human feces at a military recruiting office. A year later vandals threw bricks at yet another recruiting office used by our troops in Toledo.

The anti-war group Funk the War recently bragged about their storming and occupation of a military recruiting office in Washington, D.C. Supporters of the effort called our troops “child predator(s).” Here’s their after-action report where they bragged shamelessly:

One recruiter tried to grab an activist but found himself overpowered by SDS’ superior strength and numbers and had no choice but to give up!

This came on the heels of the whole group marching in K Street and Connecticut Ave at the height of rush hour, closing War Profiteer’s Row to cars for quite a while. The group closed out by going after D.C. GOP headquarters, but that door was locked and there were too many cops around to break it down.

Thugs, still unidentified, attacked a military recruiting office in Minneapolis, Minn., four times over an 18-month period. In the most recent attack they threw two 40-pound rocks through windows.

Most famously, in Berkeley, Calif., anti-war activists followed the call of city leaders to “impede” the work of military recruiters and proceeded to stop people from entering the Marine Recruiting Office in the city.

Though they often refer to themselves as “anarchists,” these groups are well-organized and well-funded by a dark array of leftist financiers, including billionaire George Soros.

Anti-war advocates have tried to downplay their shameful behavior. Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin says that this was just, “one incident at one recruiting station out of the many thousands that there are all over the country.”

She can get away with such lies as long as the media and our nation’s political leaders remain silent about the plague of attacks against U.S. military recruiting centers by anti-war activists.

When I went to Berkeley yesterday to demand that the City Council and the notorious left-wing Mayor Tom Bates beef-up security against the non-stop attacks on the Marine Recruiting Center in their town, Benjamin told a local newspaper reporter that I am an alarmist … and that I should take up knitting.

Here’s a better idea: Everyone needs to take action against Code Pink, Funk the War, International A.N.S.W.E.R. and the liberal political leaders who have formed alliances with them.

It’s long past the time to hold the Democrat political leadership, including the likes of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barrack Obama, accountable for the actions of those who answered their call to oppose the missions of our troops.

Your photo-op with anti-war protesters outside your local recruiting office is ready Sens. Clinton and Obama. Don’t forget to bring the bucket of human feces with you – the left-wing base loves to see their leaders showing real commitment to the causes they fight for.

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