When New York’s United States senator and candidate for president of the United States was asked about the harrowing case of her fellow Democrat, New York’s Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Monday night, the Washington Post reports that she:

“Predictably enough tried to brush it off without comment: ‘I obviously send my best wishes to the governor and his family,’ she told reporters. Still, it is hard to imagine that will be the first time she is asked about it.”

Hard to imagine?

Indeed yes. And far, far harder to justify.

Should this candidate for this nation’s top leadership post be allowed by media to continue so outrageously evading questions about this absolutely astounding immorality by the chief executive of one of our most populous states?

Given the carnal fallenness of man, into almost every federal government in United States history there have come cases of sexual misbehavior in high governmental places.

But how did presidential candidate Hillary react when, quite legitimately, she was questioned about this astounding whoremongering by the governor of her own state of New York?

How did she react? She evaded! She dissimulated – which means that she engaged in hiding her feelings by pretense.

This is presidential leadership?

Or is it really an absolutely inexcusable runaway from what is an essential morality in the top leadership of any free government in the world?

Her evasion on Monday night came before two nationally networked television comments, which fully illustrate why Hillary should pull out of this race now.

Jay Leno commented:

“That Spitzer’s scandal means that Hillary Clinton is now only the second angriest woman in the state of New York.”

David Letterman offered a Top Ten List of excuses That Spitzer might cite, with number one:

“I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago!”

At least Eliot Whoremonger paid for his adulterous sex. Bill Clinton, in only one of reportedly hundreds of extra-marital affairs, paid nothing to a White House intern whom he had perform oral sex on him while he was telephoning a congressman in the Oval Office.

And, in one of the most unbelievably stupid and morally bankrupt actions ever undertaken by any serious candidate for the White House, Hillary actually invited this enormously oversexed rogue to campaign for her – until what surely have been his predictable antics caused another Bill Clinton national sensation. Reportedly, Hillary’s desperate campaign advisers finally persuaded her to rein him in.

But, if Hillary possibly wins both the nomination and the presidency, is there any reasonable person willing to predict that the Hillary Clinton administration will never, ever have any sex scandals (I mean from anybody else except heavily Secret-Serviced Slick Willie)?

All this is why Mrs. Clinton should now withdraw her candidacy. I say this out of concern for her insurmountable problem, since she has stayed married to Slick through so much of his serial adulteries.

If she continues her candidacy and ignores this advice, I can predict there will be a great deal more of this as undeniably interesting (if morally depressing) hot copy. And it will come in what will almost surely be remembered as the DDBB – The Denver Democratic Blood Bath – in little more than five months.

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