A police investigation has been launched into an attack in New York City on a rabbi who was kicked and punched by Arabs screaming “Allahu akbar,” the same chant reportedly used by the 9/11 hijackers as they killed thousands of people in the city in 2001.

The report comes from Vox iz Neiaas, which means “What’s News,” in New York.

The incident happened in the jurisdiction of the 78th Precinct, according to the report, and is being investigated as a possible bias crime.

The report said an 18-year-old Arab man grabbed the yarmulke of a Jew at the 4th Ave. and 9th Street train station in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, “while his friends kicked and punched the victim while screaming ‘Allahu akbar.'”

The perpetrator grabbed the rabbi’s head covering, then fled the scene only to be hit by a vehicle on a nearby street. The report said police arrested him and requested an ambulance, but were trying “to brush off the crime as just teenagers who don’t know what ‘Allahu akbar’ means.”

Israel National News identified the rabbi as Oriah Ohana, a 25-year-old from Kfar Chabad, Israel

The rabbi had chased the suspect who grabbed the yarmulke, and when the thief was hit by a car, the rest of the attackers renewed their assault, “claiming he was the cause of their friend’s misfortune,” the report said.

They all escaped before police arrived except the man hit who was hit by the car.

The Arabic declaration, translated as “Allah is greatest,” often is chanted by Muslims before or during terrorist attacks.


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