The creator of a satirical blog that asks whether Barack Obama is the “messiah” says he has a serious purpose, hoping the mainstream media will “work through its childish infatuation” with the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As WND reported, Christopher Blosser’s website asks if Obama is leading a “messianic movement,” “a cult of personality” or just engaging in “good ol’ fashioned politics?”

By simply highlighting media reports – including WND’s account of an Obama rally in Seattle – Blosser’s website has captured the wave of euphoria that has followed the Democratic senator’s remarkable rise to the brink of the party’s presidential nomination.

“I think the beauty of the website is that the content more or less writes itself,” Blosser said. “The website should be judged independently of my own personal bias.”

Blosser, a web designer by profession, describes himself as a political independent that leans somewhat conservative.

“While less than satisfied with John McCain, I’d honestly prefer him to either of the alternatives,” he admits.

He rejects the argument that a President Obama would enact a rigid, thoroughly controlled state ruled by political correctness.

“I certainly don’t envision that the Age of Obama will be something akin to Big Brother, with mandatory periods of ‘Two Minutes Hope’ and Thought Police rounding up the Cynics for re-education,” he said.

At bottom, Blosser is concerned Obama will turn out to be just another politician, especially if he were to be elected president.

“On a basic level, my concern is that Obama will ride the wave of emotion and mob-enthusiasm to office,” Blosser wrote. “With the challenges (and inevitable compromises) that come with the job, illusions are going to fade and dreams are going to crumble.”

Blosser is concerned voters are projecting onto Obama expectations that will be impossible to fulfill.

“People talk as if this man will bring the troops home and end the war within his first year of office,” he noted. “That’s a pretty naïve hope, considering the global jihadists’ threat.”

“People talk as if this man will usher in a new era of politics in which everybody, regardless of their opposing (and very real) political and moral convictions will join hands in some vague approximation of unity,” he continued. “This will literally spell the end of politics as we know it.”

Blosser has cautious appreciation for the emotion Obama’s campaign engendered from supporters.

“Obama’s campaign seems to be predicated on the assumption that he has somehow transcended ‘power politics,’ that he is in fact the anti-politician,” Blosser stressed. “Call me a cynic, but I have the hunch when you peel off the hope-saturated façade and get down to the hard business of running this country, you will find Obama is a politician, much like any other.”

“How that will affect the masses will, of course, depend on the degree to which they were taken in,” he added, noting the potential for let-down Obama has created by raising expectations.

Blosser admitted to WND his goal was “to chronicle what I thought was the curious, yet troubling, phenomenon of the “cult of personality” and elements of “secular messianism” that he has seen surrounding Obama’s campaign.

“On one hand, every political race has some degree of enthusiasm,” he admitted. “That is to be expected. But what I’ve chronicled on the website is something else entirely.

“The left has typically decried the mixing of faith and politics among the right, and yet there are those who have embraced Obama with a fervor that can be aptly described as ‘religious.'”

The website prominently displays a photograph, taken by photographer Michael Edwards, which the website proclaims as “Obama – the Transfiguration.”

The photo shows Obama standing elevated, on a central staircase that ascends upward, framed by a dark window open on the staircase landing above Obama’s head.

The shot appears taken in a triptych mirror, showing Obama with a microphone held by his right hand, with his left hand extended palm outward in a speaking gesture.

George Soros is clearly seen sitting at the base of the staircase to Obama’s immediate left.

The website archives “Obama Conversion Stories” as told by pop-culture luminaries, including actress Halle Berry, new age guru Deepak Chopra and Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

“Overall, the site is intended to be parody,” Blosser acknowledged. “But at the same time, I hope the website will provoke some of Obama’s more ardent disciples among the masses and, sadly, the media, to re-evaluate their behavior.”

Blosser said he’s concerned about “the degree Obama, or anybody, could be carried into office by mob-passion and idolatrous hysteria,” he admitted.

“I’m concerned about political ‘rallies’ that are consciously orchestrated along the lines of a rock concert,” he continued. “I’m concerned when a candidate breaks out a hankie and blows his nose – and the crowd breaks into applause.

“I’m concerned when ambiguous talk of ‘unity’ and ‘change’ and ‘yes, we can!’ carry the day with precious little discussion of how this man actually intends to bridge the gulf between ideological and philosophical convictions,” Blosser continued.”

“To suggest that ‘there are no red states or blue states sounds good, but I wonder if the intention is not simply to pave over sincere moral convictions held between the two parties with flowery rhetoric,” he said. “If so, people are definitely falling for it.”

Blosser grants that Obama’s campaign website details positions on a range of public policy issues.

“Still, it’s very questionable how many of the 20,000 screaming, crying, chanting and in some cases fainting fans in any one politically rally actually read and are aware of his positions,” he said. “And how many simply attend for the Obama experience, to ‘witness history in the making,’ and might end up voting for him for that reason alone.”

Blosser also admits the Obama quotation he put at the top of the website was meant to suggest Obama himself is partly to blame with encouraging the “Obama Messiah” phenomenon.

Right after the website title, “Is Barack Obama the Messiah?” the reader next encounters an Obama quotation from a Jan. 7 campaign rally in Lebanon, N.H.: ” … A light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama.”


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