A school board in Arizona has decided condoms are among the items that should be given to students attending this year’s prom.

The school board in the Bisbee District voted 4-1 at a recent meeting to include the condoms in a “prom bag.”.

A spokeswoman in the office of Supt. Paul McDonald confirmed the condoms would be handed out to the event celebrants, along with other items.

“The governing board approved [this],” she told WND. “They are to have what they call prom bags, which include picture frames and balloons and candy and other items. They requested from the health department if they could put a condom in the bag also.”

She said Bisbee High Principal Jim Gordon could provide additional details, but Gordon declined to respond to a message left by WND.

WND previously reported a seminar speaker in Boulder, Colo., told high school students to “have sex, do drugs,” and the outrage that erupted among parents.

WND also has reported a court’s conclusion that a law requires children to be taught how to use condoms.

But handing out condoms in association with a traditional high school dance still horrified a number of parents and others in the Bisbee area.

“All that the policy of handing out condoms for our youth does [is] condone and indirectly approve the short-term immediately satisfaction…,” wrote Chuck and Sharon Tuell in a letter to the editor in the local Sierra Vista Herald newspaper. “Your decision is obviously every short-sighted. We are very disappointed.”

Added Dick and Margaret Hamilton in another letter to the editor: “We were appalled at the information contained in a rather low-key article in the March 25 paper. … The information that was appalling to me, as a parent and a taxpayer, is that condoms will be given to all attendees of the Bisbee High School prom. Even more appalling is the fact that your paper treated this as just an everyday occurrence.

“Only [board member] Millicent Kasun voted against the handout. Hooray for her,” the couple wrote. “We urge all concerned parents in the Bisbee school district to contact their board members and demand a reversal of the decision and to wrest their parental rights back from the school.”

The newspaper had reported the vote in a story about a board meeting, at which board members discussed the length of girls’ skirts, the school’s music honor society
and other issues.

“Students attending the Bisbee High School Prom will be given gifts bags containing pictures frames, candles, mints and two condoms per bag. The board members voted four to one in favor of allowing the gift bags to be distributed,” the newspaper article said.

On the newspaper’s forum, “Billy Hill,” wrote, “This is what happens when you let the government do your thinking for you. Who will be checking to see that they are using them.”

Just weeks earlier, a Florida school district said it was planning to give its 6th-graders lessons in how to use contraceptives in a promotion by Planned Parenthood.

Officials in Palm Beach County have decided to teach their 6th-graders how to use contraceptives such as condoms, because Florida “is the sixth-highest in the nation for pregnant teens, and that tells us we need to get information to our students.”




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