As Gen. David Petraeus testified under the glare of the klieg lights before Congress this week, we were treated to a close-up of the character of not just the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, but also those attempting to sit in judgment of him.

Gen. Petraeus presented the report on the outstanding progress being made by U.S. troops who defied last year’s predictions of doom and disaster from liberal members of Congress who had labeled “the surge” a failure before it ever even began.

Among those who have attempted to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is that self-proclaimed champion of “hope,” Sen. Barack Hussein Obama.

As he questioned Gen. Petraeus, it was clear that Obama seemed once again to be auditioning for “best actor” award. Obama sat there earnestly staring at Gen. Petraeus, attempting to conjure up the image of the dignified “uniter” he claims to be. Then he opened his mouth.

And again, we were reminded that the man who adored Rev. Jeremiah Wright – he of the “God damn America” school of uniting – is the same man who today calls for the surrender of U.S. troops to the forces of Islamic jihadists.

Repeating a lie that becomes no truer despite how many times it is recycled, Obama insisted that al-Qaida did not exist in Iraq until U.S. troops had liberated the nation from the brutal rule of Saddam Hussein.

Is Sen. Barack Obama that naïve? Or an accomplished liar?

As I have stated countless times in my columns, over the TV/radio airwaves and at pro-troop rallies, the man who would emerge as the leading figure of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, most certainly was in Iraq well before Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced.

In fact, not only was he in Iraq before the invasion, but he went to Iraq to escape the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan – where Zarqawi and his associates were previously operating.

Like the yellow-bellied coward he was, the al-Qaida leader lit out for Iraq, sending his human bomb squads out to murder and rampage against innocent Iraqis and American troops alike.

Remember the grainy video footage of American jets dropping a bomb and blowing up an al-Qaida compound? That was where Zarqawi was hiding, until his Satan’s den was blown to pieces by American munitions.

And yet, Barack Obama and company continue to maintain to the rest of the world that the terrorists operating in Iraq are not involved with the Islamic terrorists’ jihad against America.

That’s about as believable as the fantasy Obama has advanced that he was always “absent” from the pews of the United Trinity Church when his “favorite Uncle,” Rev. Wright, condemned the United States.

Someone who hasn’t been absent from the pews of the church of Obama-mania is a woman named Jodie Evans, who happens to work for the anti-American group Code Pink.

Campaign documents released by the Federal Elections Commission reveal that the anti-military activist is involved in a bundling operation for the Obama for President campaign.

Bundling allows a designated individual or organization to bypass campaign finance limits by collecting the contributions of others and “bundling” them together.

Jodie Evans has already donated the legally allowable $2,300 to the Obama for President campaign, and so has her son, who lists his occupation as an “unemployed student.” Unemployed students must be making out great during this economic slowdown, to be able to fork over $2,300 to presidential candidates.

Code Pink insists that they are merely a feminist peace group, which is akin to Adolf Hitler representing himself as merely a travel agent for Jews who wanted to see unknown parts of Germany and Poland.

Code Pink has been in the headlines recently for their campaign of “counter-recruitment” where military recruiting centers here in the United States have been violently attacked by “peace” thugs.

Code Pink’s treasonous behavior on foreign soil has been equally disgusting.

The organization traveled to Iraq to give $600,000 in aid to what they called “the other side” so they could resist Coalition Forces. The “other side” is a euphemism for Islamic terrorists. But remember, according to the worldview of Barack Hussein Obama, these terrorists have nothing to do with the jihad that’s been declared against America.

Kicked out of Pakistan after protesting the Pakistani governments efforts to combat the jihadists operating in that country, Code Pink’s leaders have also been some of the strongest proponents of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s regime. Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin even renounced the United States and moved to Cuba before being kicked out by the government there. Turns out, even tyrants have standards. Who knew?

But not Barack Obama, he’s taking the bundled Code Pink money and proudly reporting the donations to the FEC.

Barack Obama spent weeks trying to brush off the spoken words of his 20-year mentor, and Obama insisted his pastor’s values didn’t represent his values.

Perhaps he can give an equally bravura performance by explaining away the photograph below. It shows the anti-American thug president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, with his arms around Barack Hussein Obama fundraising bundler Jodie Evans.

But don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that one of Barack’s top fundraisers is hob-knobbing with anti-American dictators.

And Barack Hussein Obama will once again put on his best acting face as he insists to the American people that all his anti-American friends have such starkly different views than his own.

Let’s hope Americans are wise enough to see through the act.

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