Perhaps God is the master of subtle irony. As I drove from the Midwest to the West coast at the beginning of April, the snow was falling – not melting. The same was true for yesterday, when I performed my little tax errand. I find the snow makes the daffodils look much more pale, don’t you?

Now that the United Nations and the “world government cartel” has officially blessed the global warming “let’s tax thin air” movement, it was probably inevitable that the rest of us would drive around through snow in the middle of April.

You see, the United Nations and one-world elitists have an exquisite history of incompetence and corruption that enriches their friends and makes nearly everything they touch among the most useless organizations and efforts on earth.

To refresh your memory, here are just a few:

United Nations “peacekeepers”? Most notable for raping little girls and boys among the population they were sent to protect. See Sudan).

The World Bank? We should make it a global poster child for corruption.

And the U.N.’s top officials? Guess who was rolling in payola while circumventing the “world community’s” ban on the sale of Iraqi oil, prior to the U.S. invasion? The U.N. leadership itself, including the top dog’s son, Kojo Annan.

So as I drove home last night, through the snow, I couldn’t help but wonder how gullible the global warming groupies must be. This simple observation will result in yet more hate mail, with demands to know who’s paying me off. The answer is no one – unlike every groupie’s favorite “researcher,” who gets his or her dollars in the form of government or environmental organization grants that only seem to appear when the premise of the research is that we are one carbon molecule away from a global warming catastrophe, and we must act now!

The reason for this is simple: Government bureaucrats and politicians see global warming as a gravy train hauling an endless supply of tax money for them to use in buying votes. Why, air into gold is even better than the ancient art of alchemy (that sought to turn lead into gold).

These global warming profiteers are aligned with the “back to the caves, man” anti-industrial movement that sees a “carbon tax” and “carbon credit trading” as a way to implement restrictions on energy use by Westerners who happen to like to heat and cool their homes (especially in an extended winter) and drive their cars to work. Think of it as affirmative action for the environment, while you’re relaxing in your cave.

The old adage in journalism to “follow the money” would work splendidly well, provided any of the mainline press global warming groupie contingent were to give it a try. But then, of course, they won’t. The primary reason the mainline press exists is to put its stamp of approval on any and every scheme to enlarge government and reduce personal freedom. And what better way than taxing thin air?

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