The palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.

— Thomas Paine

In my recent column “Pulpit Racism Leads Blacks To Destruction,” I dealt with the racism coming from many black preachers.

The hate-filled anti-American sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. and other wolves in sheep’s clothing have been exposed. Yet, there still remains an unspoken disease infecting the black church – the racism in the pews.

So, why do so many black “Christians” follow false, racist preachers?

The black church used to be the backbone of the black community. Faith in God helped black Americans endure slavery and Jim Crow.

But over the last 40 years, the black church has undergone a metamorphosis. Government social programs introduced in the ’60s by liberal Democratic politicians seduced black men into relying on “programs” over God.

Black men were deceived into leaving their homes in order for the women and children to receive welfare. As a result, the moral fiber of the man who left and the abandoned family were weakened.

Meanwhile, welfare gave the black woman a false sense of empowerment and independence. She felt as though she no longer needed a husband to provide.

The missing father left a vacuum and created a rift between black men and women. The black man’s weakness in this area set him up to be an object of scorn.

The resentment of the woman for the missing father was passed down to the children. And government and black preachers stepped into this cycle of dysfunction to become the “daddy” of the family.

The corrupt and hungry black preacher is like a ravenous wolf that devours the souls of his congregants so he can build more lavish churches and acquire greater wealth.

Seeing the hypocrisy and evil in the churches, many decent men left – much like they had abandoned their families. Absent the leadership of God-fearing, upstanding men, the congregation was weak and susceptible to the corrupt preacher. The weaker they became, the more they looked for scapegoats (i.e., the “evil white man”) to explain away their failures.

One need only look at Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ and many other black churches to see this lie being played out.

The false black preacher is only too happy to reinforce the idea of the white man as scapegoat. His sermons make the congregation angrier and more bitter. And the angrier they become, the easier it is for the minister to control them.

Since the exodus of men, black preachers have retooled their message to play to women’s egos.

Bishop T.D. Jakes, for instance, has built an empire by targeting the emotional needs of women. His popular books include “Loose That Man & Let Him Go” and “The Lady, Her Lover, Her Lord.”

Worse, Jakes has empowered women to assume leadership positions within the church, despite clear biblical admonitions against it. “Prophetess” Juanita Bynum is one who credits Jakes for her success.

Bynum is a well-known aggressive evangelist whose emotional style appeals to many churchgoing black women. She has bragged about how tough she is, telling an audience of women to be like “bull dogs” and “the Mafia.” Yet last year, she claimed to have been beaten by her estranged husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III. She then appeared on “Oprah,” crying and announcing that God has called her to be the “face of domestic abuse”!

Deep down Jakes and Bynum have to know that this is not God’s order, but their pride has made it easy for them to accept the lie that they’re doing God’s work.

The increased feminization of the church has further weakened it, allowing racism to tighten its grip. As a result, most black “Christians” are now convinced that Jesus was black.

The Rev. Cecil “Chip” Murray (retired), of A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles and others funded “The Color of the Cross,” a movie that had as its premise the idea that Jesus was a black man killed by Europeans as a direct result of “racism.”

People like Rev. Murray and Rev. Wright hate the white man so much that if Jesus were indeed white, they’d deny him outright. This obsession with race has infiltrated the black church to the point that many churches now celebrate the godless, phony holiday Kwanzaa.

It’s abnormal for any man to have a leader other than God and Christ. But the lack of faith of many black Americans is driving them to seek the “love” (enslavement) of a leader.

The Bible talks about a period in ancient Israel when God’s people had no king and “… every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

As the population grew more corrupt, they demanded a leader just like the black community does today. Saul became their king, but he followed the will of the corrupt nation over the will of his Creator.

The way back for black America is as it was for the early Israelites: They must forgive and turn away from their sins and wicked leaders. Free men and women need no human leaders because once people have been forgiven, their hearts are healed, their minds are free, and they are able to see clearly the path ahead.

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