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America’s future will be determined this November by how voters size up one of the most perplexing and hard-to-pigeonhole political leaders in modern times: Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

With so much at stake, the June edition of Whistleblower magazine is devoted to an extraordinary, eye-opening investigation called “THE REAL McCAIN.”

On one hand, John McCain is a genuine war hero – a Navy pilot imprisoned and tortured for five years by the North Vietnamese communists, and who refused an offer of early release because of his father’s status as an admiral, instead demonstrating courage and leadership during his POW captivity.

On the other hand, during his 21 years in the United States Senate, McCain has sometimes advocated policies, sponsored legislation, forged alliances and uttered statements that have caused fellow Republicans to recoil in horror.

For example, he spearheaded the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill, which included amnesty for illegal aliens. Even more controversial was McCain-Feingold, a disastrously wrongheaded attempt at correcting so-called campaign finance abuses which ended up threatening core First Amendment free-speech rights of many organizations and individuals. And he is a true believer in human-caused climate change,
announcing recently that, as president, “I will make global warming a

And yet on certain bedrock issues, McCain has been consistently strong – for example, he has a long and reliably pro-life voting record. He’s a fiscal conservative, shunning earmarks like few others in Congress. And he is strong on national defense, committed to defeating, not retreating from, the gathering forces of Islamo-fascism.

As a result of this perplexing mixed record, some Republicans, independents, conservatives and Christians – including several represented in this Whistleblower issue, like Joseph Farah, James Dobson and Dennis Prager – regard McCain’s flaws as so egregious that they will not vote for him as a matter of conscience, even if that ultimately helps elect his opponent.

Others – including several in this issue like Michael Reagan, Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. Rick Santorum – argue that despite his many obvious flaws, John McCain is far better for America than his Democratic challenger and thus should be supported.

Issue highlights include:


“Throughout this election season, those favoring limited government, strong defense, respect for life and safeguarding our borders have been in turmoil over who will be their standard-bearer,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “We hope this Whistleblower issue on John McCain will give readers the info they need to resolve the candidate conflict and vote with good conscience in November.”

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