Gas prices can be brought down, and they can be brought down by you, says a new website,

The website suggests a three-step plan the U.S. government could implement to reduce fuel pump costs in both the short term and long term and encourages citizens to urge their legislators to act.

Craig R. Smith is co-author of the book Black Gold Stranglehold and founder of the website. “Instead of whining, complaining and blaming everyone, from OPEC to big oil to President Bush,” said Smith, “let’s actually do something about it!”

The website’s plan calls for “We the People” to rise up and insist our legislators take three steps: Drill for oil in American territory, build refineries, and strengthen the dollar by reducing the national debt.

These steps, Smith insists, will reduce dependence on foreign oil, increase gasoline supply, counter inflation and “flush out widespread energy speculation from the market.”

Citing 20-fold increase in energy speculation over the last 5 years, from $13 billion to $260 billion, Smith contends it’s necessary to stop investors from continuing to gamble that the U.S. won’t increase its production of gasoline. “Serious government action will send speculators running for cover,” he says. quotes President Bush, who told reporters in Egypt following Saudi Arabia’s announced increase in oil production on May 10, “Our problem in America gets solved when we aggressively go for domestic exploration…if we expand our refining capacity, promote nuclear energy and continue our strategy for the advancing of alternative energies as well as conservation.” goes beyond merely advocating ideas and challenges “We the People” to get involved.

The website points to how public outcry squashed both the 2006 sale of 6 seaports to the United Arab Emirates and the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, which many accused of granting amnesty to illegal aliens. “Will this plan work? Yes! If ‘We the People’ speak up!” claims the website.

To encourage action, the site includes form letters for writing, emailing and calling legislators.

The letters, it appears, are already generating a response in Washington.

A man named Jim in Ohio sent an letter to his Senator, Sherrod Brown (D-OH). The senator thanked Jim for the letter and recognized how gas prices are hurting his constituents but argued, “there is no quick fix for our energy problems.”

The response from Senator Brown also argued against domestic drilling and advocated instead that “our major focus should be on shifting away from fossil fuel dependence and toward the development and production of clean, renewable energy.”

Craig Smith, in return, responded to Brown’s letter on an forum, saying the senator’s letter contains “direct quotes from the Democrats’ talking points on ANWR,” the Alaskan wildlife refuge often mentioned in the debate between environmentalists and domestic drilling advocates. Smith further resolved, “We will fix this.”


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