WND Jerusalem chief Aaron Klein will be a guest tomorrow on Fox News’ “Live Desk” with Martha MacCallum to talk about one of this election year’s hottest stories: the apparently racist comments from friends of Sen. Barack Obama.

Klein’s appearance is scheduled at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

His newest report cites Chicago Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, speaking Sunday at Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Pleger implied Sen. Hillary Clinton was a white supremacist who believed she would win the nomination because of “white entitlement.”

The accusations were posted on YouTube:

Pfleger, who practices black liberation theology, is a regular guest speaker at Trinity church. He was introduced at Sunday’s sermon by Obama’s new pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III, who called Pfleger a “brother beloved, he is a preacher par-excellence, he is a prophetic powerful pulpiteer.”

After Pfleger’s remarks about Clinton, Moss thanked Pfleger repeatedly.

Pfleger told the Trinity congregation, “We must be honest enough to expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head.”

He continued: “Reverend Moss, when Hillary was crying, and people said that was put on, I really don’t believe it was put on. I really believe that she just always thought, ‘This is mine. I’m Bill’s wife. I’m white. And this is mine. I just got to get up and step into the plate.’

“And then out of nowhere came, hey, I’m Barack Obama. And she said, ‘Oh damn, where did you come from? I’m white. I’m entitled. There’s a black man stealing my show.'”

Pfleger then mimicked Clinton crying as the audience erupted into applause and gave Pfleger’s remarks a standing ovation.

MacCallum joined Fox News Channel in 2004. During her tenure with Fox, she has anchored major international and national stories, including Hurricane Katrina the funeral coverage of Pope John Paul II and the 2004 presidential election.


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