Censorship. Enforced political conformity. Hostility to diversity of opinion. Sensitivity training. Though such despotic tactics are usually associated with totalitarian regimes, they increasingly describe life on America’s university campuses.

“When we think of going to college, we think of intellectual freedom. We imagine four years of exploring ideas through energetic, ongoing, critical thinking and debate,” says filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney in the stunning new video documentary “Indoctrinate U: Our Education, Their Politics.” “But the reality is very far from the ideal. What most of us don’t know is that American college students check their First Amendment rights and individual freedom at the door.”

Hailed by the New York Sun as one of “America’s most promising” documentary filmmakers, Maloney has assembled a scorching indictment of higher education in America today, one sure to make students, parents, trustees, lawmakers and concerned citizens sit up and take notice.

Produced by On the Fence Films, with the support of the Moving Picture Institute, “Indoctrinate U” makes the campus culture wars – often treated as an abstract, hopelessly partisan battle – intensely personal and unforgettably human.

When unsuspecting students and professors run afoul of the campus thought police, the results would make for great comic farce – if real careers weren’t at stake.

A hard-hitting yet humorous exposé of the breathtaking abuses of power in higher ed, Evan Coyne Maloney’s “Indoctrinate U” shows what you won’t see in the glossy marketing brochures of American colleges and universities.

The New York Post calls it “alarming and funny.” “Riveting,” says the Wall Street Journal. “A terrific must-see,” says National Review. The popular Power Line blog calls it “a funny, humane and powerful film.”

And the London Telegraph calls the long-awaited feature-length
film, which runs 89 minutes, “as slick and incisive as anything by
Michael Moore.”

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