The average price of regular gas went up to $4 a gallon for the first time over the weekend.

How much higher will the price have to go before Americans demand prohibitions and restrictions on domestic oil drilling be lifted?

How high? I know everyone has their price. What is yours? Is it $5 a gallon? Is it $10?

It’s time to start thinking about it, because oil and gas prices are not going down any time soon. None of our energy policies do anything but encourage this trend.

Is it possible to bring down energy prices in the U.S.? You bet it is. In fact, it would be relatively easy. The only questions are how fast they would come down and how much.

How would we do it?

  • We have to start drilling for oil again in the U.S. – onshore, offshore, in Alaska, in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s time to realize the environmentalist zeal that has prohibited and restricted oil drilling in the U.S. is actually counterproductive. No one on Earth is more conscious of conservation and environmental protection than American oil companies. We failed to follow this course in the 1990s and we’re paying the price for it now. Just how bad do we want to be hurting 10 years from now?
  • While drilling for U.S. oil, we also need to make sure we can refine it and bring it to market quickly and efficiently. That means building more American refineries. Do you know we haven’t built on in the U.S. in 32 years? With a growing population and increasing energy demands, we can’t wait another 32 years for more capacity.
  • We shouldn’t rely on oil alone to meet our energy needs. There’s a clean alternative that those who believe in the hocus pocus of global warming, above all others, should be embracing. That’s nuclear power. While I don’t believe carbon dioxide is nearly as big a threat to the planet as Al Gore is, haven’t the climate-change zealots noticed that nuclear power doesn’t create any carbon emissions? And did you know we haven’t built a single nuclear plant in the U.S. in 12 years, while shutting down several for no good reason other than superstition?

I say it’s time to drill – and drill big.

I’m so personally committed to this idea, I’ve come up with a removable, magnetic bumper sticker you can purchase in quantity, if you like, to promote the campaign. It states the case succinctly and clearly: “Drill for American oil NOW!” Let’s start a national movement. I know it’s a political year, but none of the major candidates will embrace this idea. So we’ve got to make it a people’s campaign. I want to start seeing those bumper stickers on the back of gas guzzlers from coast to coast this summer.

“Drill for American oil NOW!”

It’s more than gas prices at stake. The price of just about everything is rising as a result of skyrocketing oil prices controlled not by Americans but by foreigners – even foreigners hostile to American interests.

As simply a matter of national security, it doesn’t make any sense not to drill. But now that we’re all feeling the pinch in our pocketbooks, I believe the time is right for a national uprising.

Are you with me?

Will you join the crusade?

All you have to do is make noise. Raise your voice. Don’t let the out-of-touch politicians in their chauffeur-driven limousines get away with business as usual. The future of America is at stake. What kind of a country do you think your children and grandchildren will inherit if America does not protect its sovereignty and its freedom with some common-sense self-interest?

“Drill for American oil NOW!”

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