It’s been quite a week. I just returned from a “missions trip” – but it wasn’t to build an orphanage in a Third World country. I spent six days with relatives on the left coast who thought me arrogant when I asserted into the nebulous discussion on “truth” that there was a place where you could find it. Well, you can. It’s in the Bible, whether you happen to believe in it or not.

And when the conversation turned to politics, I posed a question on priorities: If you’re driving down the street and find three obstacles blocking your way: 1) a baby, 2) a beaver, and 3) a bamboo plant, and you can only swerve to avoid hitting one of them, which one do you save? Between a baby, a beaver and a bamboo plant, they couldn’t tell me which was most important.

It’s hard to share the Gospel with folks who can’t comprehend that people matter more than plants or even pets. I suggest there are more who believe this way than we care to admit. How else can one legitimize his support for a candidate like Obama who advocates killing babies over McCain who would protect them?

Upon returning back home, I heard the news that the California Supreme Court will not issue a stay and allow the people of that state to decide their own laws on marriage. Instead, they let stand the decision of four judges who redefined marriage over the will of more than 4 million Californians who just eight years ago voted that marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman. In addition:

  1. Beginning next Tuesday, California will begin handing out fraudulent marriage licenses, which no longer list the bride and groom, but instead “Party A” and “Party B.”
  2. Clerks now find themselves being forced to make a decision between their religious beliefs and their jobs, like Kern County Clerk Ann Barnett who has announced that her office will stop performing all weddings rather than be forced to preside over homosexual “marriages.”
  3. New York Gov. David A. Paterson has directed state agencies to recognize homosexual “marriages” performed in California, Massachusetts and Canada.
  4. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed into law a “transgender” bill that makes it fully legal for men to enter and use women’s public restrooms and locker rooms without any notice to the women and girls who may be showering or using the facilities. Colorado public facilities just became a predator paradise.
  5. A Catholic priest in Canada is now being investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for the “hate crime” of citing biblical passages in the public debate over same-sex marriage.
  6. The Knights of Columbus were fined $1,000 for declining to rent their hall to a homosexual couple for a “marriage ceremony.”
  7. New Mexico Civil Rights Commission fined an Albuquerque, N.M., photographer $6,000 for refusing to photograph a homosexual couple’s ceremony in a place where homosexual “marriage” is illegal.
  8. Northern Ireland’s “first lady,” Iris Robinson, is being investigated for hate crimes because she spoke out against homosexual behavior – suggesting a Christian psychiatrist who could help – on the BBC.

Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance summarized it best: “Our choice is simple: either the homosexual agenda or freedom. We cannot have both.”

If you don’t want to participate in the redefinition of marriage, you may find yourself staring at stiff fines or jail time – whether it comes to overseeing the so-called “marriages,” deciding whether or not to rent a reception hall, or whether or not you want to take the homosexual “wedding pictures.” Welcome to the Criminalization of Christianity.

So what do we do? Is it “game over” for America? Gary Glenn of the Michigan American Family Association addressed this on June 4th’s Faith2Action radio program. Whether we or our children face the Criminalization of Christianity is not ours to decide; our duty is to be faithful, said Glenn, who expressed hope in the November ballot for putting a lid on the corruption of marriage in the most populated state.

I dedicated the entire hour of yesterday’s radio program to the topic of what to do from here, as well. I was given some good advice yesterday: “Janet, read Psalm 24.” That’s the one that says the only way we can approach God’s holy hill is with “clean hands and a pure heart.”

We talk a lot about national repentance, but that begins with personal repentance. That’s where we take a break from worrying about our nation’s sins, and start with our own. 2 Chronicles 7:14 isn’t just for a nation. It is for us to humble ourselves, pray, to seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways.

It was suggested to me to turn off the news and just “sit in the presence of God.” And I challenge you to do that with me for the rest of the week. I want the strategy that will put the enemies of life, liberty and the family on the run for a change. And I’m praying for it. But, instead of just seeking answers, and strategy, and all the stuff we want, I was advised to seek Him first. A novel idea; that’s when “all theses things” are added, after all.

National revival is preceded by personal revival – and humility, repentance and prayer is what paves the way. The key to victory is “‘not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord.” So, if you’re empty like I was after my “missions trip” and a glance at the headlines, there’s one place to go to be filled, and it’s not Fox News. We need the Spirit of God, His wisdom, His power and His knowledge in order to win.

Only then will we find the strength to debate the obvious that the environmentalist and Obama supporters miss: babies matter more than beavers. I don’t know the strategy that will advance the cause of righteousness, but I’m asking. And I’m seeking. I hope you’ll join me in seeking God, and then obeying Him. Because one thing’s for sure: If we sit on the sidelines, it won’t be long before we become “a criminal” for speaking out against the next court ruling that expands “marriage” licenses beyond “Party A” and “Party B” to include also “Party C,” “Party D” and “Party F.”

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