Louisiana’s top election official has launched an investigation into a voter registration drive by the Washington-based Voting is Power organization, which is sponsored by the Muslim American Society and was hired by Democrats, after registrars were “flooded” with fake forms, including a couple for a gentleman named George W. Bush.

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne said this week he already has met with Voting Is Power, which has a stated goal of signing up millions of Muslims to vote in U.S. elections, and the discussions were cordial.

He said he’s seeking information about the company’s methodology and information on why so many voter registration applications turned out to be incomplete, duplicates, or just plain fraudulent.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Washington-based VIP was hired by national Democrats to register up to 70,000 new voters before this fall’s election.

But Dardenne said the organization’s drives in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleands and Jefferson Parish resulted in “piles of sketchy applications” that demanded investigators’ time.

The result, he said, was “busy work that is not leading to productive registration of voters,” according to the AP.

Bloggers were having a good time with the allegations about the registrations of Bush and others.

“It has been a long-running joke amongst pundits that Election Day should be renamed ‘Zombie Day’ given all the dead people who seemingly rise from the graves and vote,” concluded the FedPapers blog.

“Mind you, this is just one of many reasons why states are starting to get more stringent when it comes to voters needing identification before they can vote. Many people – the majority on the Left – have had a tizzy over the enforcement of such laws. Arizona was challenged when they enacted tougher laws regarding voter identification, but that was due to the illegal alien population here, and their tendency to vote when they are not legally allowed to do so,” the blog continued.

“Chicago has the ‘zombie’ problem. Apparently, so does Louisiana,” the blog said.

“We have some very real concerns about the data we are getting from them,” Dardenne told a website for the Baton Route Advocate.

That report said Democrats were aware of some problems.

“With an effort this big there’s always going to be glitches and problems along these lines,” Brian Welsh, a spokesman for Democrats’ Louisiana Victory 2008, said. “Obviously, we are ready to work with the registrars of each parish to make sure it’s going as efficiently as possible.”

Roger Villere, the state Republican Party chief, said the issue needs to be investigated.

Dardenne reported the cards being submitted include those for people already registered but others were incomplete and some had “blatantly false information.”

Caddo Parish, for example, had George W. Bush as a voter applicant; other cards have been filed for inmates who cannot vote as well as various dead people, Dardenne confirmed.

“We want to safeguard the integrity of the process by making sure any group seeking to register Louisiana voters provide specific information and it’s not bogging down registrars offices with work premised on false information,” he said, according to the Advocate report.

On the newspaper site, an anonymous poster identified as Elliott expressed a high level of concern over those doing the signature collections.

“I wonder why a Muslim organization with links to the Muslim Brotherhood is hired by the Democratic National Party. I wonder why Barack Obama is the choice of Hamas,” he wrote.

“Whether through violent or economic means, losing our identity in submission to this minority will prove our national undoing. The fault is not with Islam. The fault is our losing our traditional biblical moorings, the foundation upon which our republic was built!” he continued.

On the website for the MAS-VIP organization, its organizers state: “Islam mandates every Muslim to be unequivocally committed to social justice. Civic engagement may be the most powerful way to fulfill that mandate in a democracy. Our collective involvement with the electoral process allows us as a community to express our views, and influence the laws and policies which govern America.”

It continued that “many dangerous laws were passed in the name of national security.”

“Whether these laws and policies increase our national security is highly questionable. But these have been widely used to profile and persecute Muslims in America,” the group said.

“Only with our vigorous commitment to the electoral process, we can begin to change this unfavorable climate,” it says.


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