This national birthday, July 4, would be an excellent time to remember a soldier, according to Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grass-roots pro-troop organization.

The group is leading an effort to create the largest-ever care package campaign for U.S. troops.

The organization is asking Americans to, before June 26, sponsor care packages that will be shipped to service members as part of the historic mass shipment. They are scheduled to arrive just in time for July 4th.

WND columnist Melanie Morgan, chairman of Move America Forward, also is working with political commentator Michelle Malkin on an Internet telethon, called “From the Frontlines,” a cutting-edge production that will include live interviews with U.S. men and women in uniform as well as family members.

Cookies, coffee, Gatorade, beef jerky and other items are recommended for the care packages, which also can be personalized from families to individuals.

Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, spoke in support of Move America Forward’s project and sharply rebuked politicians opposing the war.

“A contingent of liberal, spineless, gutless politicians in Congress have decided to hold up funding for our troops – and are using them as pawns in their political playground to force our military to surrender to the terrorists,” Lee said, according to

“It’s such a dishonor and disservice to our honorable men and women in uniform to be thousands of miles away from family, friends and their homes, while here on the home front anti-military radicals and anti-war politicians are trying to undermine their missions,” she said.

Dozens of American leaders from journalism, military and political communities are rallying behind the effort, including Nancy Reagan, Gen. Petraeus, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Joseph Farah, Sean Hannity, Lt. Col. Oliver North and Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Move America Forward also has gained support from New Media players The Drudge Report,, and, among others.

In addition, pro-troop organizations including Vets for Freedom, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Families United, Gold Star Family members and Blue Star families are joining.

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