A spokesman for a political action committee that recently released an ad questioning Sen. Barack Obama’s statements about his faith says supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate are trying to scare him with vulgarities and implied threats.

“Intimidation by Obama supporters is in vogue,” said Floyd Brown, chief of the National Campaign Fund.

The senator has gone so far as to say he would “fire” any campaign workers that were caught taking the low road, he said.

“Yet when I participate, I find myself having my life threatened,” Brown said.

Brown’s committee recently released an ad questioning Obama’s statements about his faith, but noting that whether the Illinois senator was a Muslim or not is not as important as whether he is telling the truth about the issue now.

The new ad, paid for by the National Campaign Fund, is shown here:

“Question. Was Barack Obama ever a Muslim?” the ad says. “He says no, but the Associated Press found records that show Obama was enrolled in school as a Muslim while living in Indonesia. And Obama’s campaign said it couldn’t explain why.”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter if Obama were a Muslim back then but it does matter if he is not telling the truth about it now,” it says.

A message left with Obama’s campaign office by WND was not returned.

But Brown said Obama already has addressed the issue with statements about taking the “high road” during the 2008 campaign.

His supporters, however, are not listening, Brown said.

“As Obama puts it in his book, ‘The Audacity of Hope,’ ‘It is at the heart of my moral code, and it is how I understand the Golden Rule – not simply as a call to sympathy or charity, but as something more demanding, a call to stand in somebody else’s shoes and see through their eyes,'” Brown said today.

I’ve been involved in politics all of my adult life. I’ve never seen the kind of viciousness we’ve seen from Obama supporters,” Brown told WND. “I think they just don’t believe there should be any dissent.”

He said key to the issue is Obama’s background itself, and his supporters seem to fear – and react strongly – to efforts to obtain the truth.

Brown said he now is releasing recordings of about a dozen “ugly voice mails” left for him criticizing his criticism of Obama.

The recordings are being made available online at a special page of Brown’s www.ExposeObama.com website.

Among the calls, which are identified by telephone number:

  • “Listen you racist piece of s—,” from 1-770-439-6xxx.
  • “You better watch out,” from 1-301-461-7xxx.
  • “Why don’t you try another f—–line of work,” from 1-646-387-1xxx.
  • “You are a scumbag and a coward. I’m sure President Obama will forgive you and I’ll pray for you. You’re a bad American,” from 1-818-909-4xxx.
  • “We know about your tactics. They’re not going to work this time,” from 1-301-384-3xxx.
  • “You’re as slimy as they can get,” from 1-330-318-8xxx.

“I challenge Sen. Obama to denounce the thuggish behavior of his partisans. Threats of violence and intimidation are not a mature response to any campaign advertisement,” said Brown. “Sen. Obama cannot say out of one side of his mouth he wants a clean campaign and then allow his people to threaten me to ‘watch my back.’

“Sen. Obama must put a stop to these threats undertaken in his name,” added Brown. “In my 25 years of involvement in presidential campaigns I have never had my family attacked.”

The website’s link to the audio recordings warns that the messages contain vulgarities and profanities.

Brown said his television ad was generated by his political action committee, ExposeObama.com, to ask the hard questions that need to be asked.

“The mainstream media for whatever reason has not asked Barack Obama the tough questions,” Brown told WND.

“We give the man who becomes president of the United States the keys to the nuclear codes. We give him control of the U.S. military. We give him control of American foreign policy, as boss of the secretary of state. We know virtually nothing about Barack Obama. All we hear repeatedly is this mantra, ‘hope, change, change, hope.’

“Nobody knows what kind of change,” he said. “We need to be asking those difficult questions.”

Brown, and his wife, Mary Beth, both are accomplished authors and speakers, and write a weekly column for the Cagle Post. Brown told WND the ad should be airing soon in various markets.


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