“From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools,” a new book documenting the inaccurate textbooks, violations of parental rights, sex education that goes too far and other educational atrocities has rocketed from 100,000-plus on Amazon.com to No. 123 among all books in just about 24 hours.

The work by authors Steve Baldwin and Karen Holgate was discussed by Fox News personality Sean Hannity on his radio program today, and again on the “Hannity & Colmes” television show tonight.

The book, just released today, also was ranked No. 1 among nonfiction under aims and objectives of education theory, No. 1 among education theory, and No. 1 among nonfiction under conservatism. Stock also was running low because of the demand, with only 11 copies available during a recent check.

The authors have assembled a long list of horror stories about the nation’s public schools, from the teachers, students and parents who have witnessed them.

American schools are “not just rife with bizarre, inaccurate textbooks and failed teaching practices – they encourage classroom activities that produce dangerous, even deadly results,” they say.

Baldwin, a former California state legislator and the current director of the Council for National Policy, and Holgate, an advocate for national educational reform, believe that public schools “can be saved” if “parents are ready to fight for their children every step of the way.”

Baldwin told “Hannity & Colmes” that the pair actually turned away hundreds of horror stories about public schools.

“There’s a lot of social engineering going on in the public schools,” he said.

Holgate said the school system should be saved, but needs huge improvements.

“We’ve exposed our kids to all kinds of pscyhobabble,” said Baldwin. “It’s done a lot of damage.”

He cited spelling tests that didn’t require the correct spelling of a word, and math tests that didn’t require the correct answer to the problem.

“I intend to make this book required reading for all of my listeners. I have been fighting the prevalent anti-values agenda for decades,” talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger said of the revealing new project.

Other stories in the book include accounts of parents whose children were victims of death education. One account involves an 8-year-old who committed suicide after he watched a disturbing video in his second-grade class at school – a video that allegedly promotes psychologically healthy thoughts about death and dying.

Still other stories involve the public school system’s sometimes blatant push toward a homosexual agenda, and an Islamic education that moves “beyond ‘teaching’ about a religion” and teaches the religion in a pro-Islamic way,” according to the editors and the teachers and parents who wrote testimonials.

As for parents, the message they’re given by public schools is: “Give us your children.”

Baldwin wrote of his time in the California Assembly when he tried to uphold parental rights within public schools, but other legislators insisted that parents have no direction and control of their children within public schools. Invasive surveys and broad parental consent forms restrict the privacy and the rights of students and parents, the editors wrote.

One chapter is directed specifically at mothers and fathers. It’s called “What Can Parents Do?” and gives practical “Dos and Don’ts” for parental action on local and legislative levels.

The authors hope their book alarms parents enough for them to become actively involved in the education of their children on a local, state and even national level.


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