This year is the 160th anniversary of public education in California.

That might seem to be a landmark – a cause of celebration in some circles. However, the dream that motivated the pioneers of taxpayer-supported schools in the mid-19th century has evolved into a nightmare of illiteracy, chaos, incompetence and indoctrination.

In 160 years, California, and, indeed, the nation, has gone from the one-room schoolhouse that was considered a privileged place of learning for motivated students, some of whom had no parents to teach them, to mandatory state-directed detention of millions of young people from age 4 through 18 on a daily basis.

There are essentially two purposes to these government education camps:

  • to provide jobs for education professionals; and
  • to control and pacify the population by churning out massive numbers of robot-like serfs and subjects incapable of thinking for themselves or demanding their birthright to be self-governing individuals in a free society.

The core purpose of the California Department of Education, a lumbering, corrupt bureaucracy that seizes more than $36 billion annually from 35 million taxpayers, redistributing that amount for the supposed benefit of fewer than 7 million students, is “continuous improvement of student achievement, with a specific purpose on closing achievement gaps.”

By any objective standard of measurement, there has been a continuous decline in student achievement over the last 30 years. So, the California Department of Education has focused on the second half of its mission – “closing achievement gaps.” This is bureaucratic doublespeak for reaching equality. If all students are mediocre, achievement gaps have been closed. If all students are morally bankrupt and incapable of expressing a coherent thought, the achievement gap has been closed.

I give you this gloomy background as a preface to an alarming story broken in WND earlier this year – when a state judge essentially ruled homeschooling illegal.

Whether this ruling is overturned or not, educational fascism has arrived in California already. The state education code requires that homeschooling parents do one of the following to teach their own children:

  • establish a private school;
  • employ a state-certified tutor;
  • enroll in a public or private school independent study program.

How do I put this delicately? That’s not homeschooling!

In just 160 years, California has gone from providing a voluntary program of educational alternatives to forced schooling by state-licensed authorities.

This is not only immoral and repugnant; it is a violation of the religious freedom of every Bible believer who takes seriously the commandments of God to parents to train up their own children in the ways of the Lord.

It’s no wonder state authorities whose primary goal is equality of underachievement want to ban homeschooling. That’s because it works! It produces highly literate achievers who score high on standardized tests, who win spelling, math and science bees and who pummel their colleagues in debates and writing competitions. You can’t have equality of underachievement as long as homeschooling is permitted.

That is the principle reason homeschoolers are the No. 1 enemy of the National Education Association, the racketeering labor union that partners with government to promote its membership’s agenda – a radical one that transcends jobs and higher pay for teachers to the socialist extremes of political correctness.

Yet, that there is even a question in the minds of ordinary Americans today that parents have an absolute, unquestioned right to direct all the teaching of their own children illustrates just how close we are to losing all our freedom.

The coercive public education laws on the books today have a strong parallel in history. They resemble, in striking detail, those crafted by the Nazi Party in Adolf Hitler’s Germany. In fact, that legacy in Germany today results in parents being arrested for violating laws against homeschooling that were never expunged from the books after the World War II liberation of Europe from the Nazi jackboots.

But who is going to liberate us?

There is no allied force on the horizon to storm the camps of state indoctrination, chaos and incompetence.

There are no liberators on their way to free parents from paying for this horror known euphemistically as public education.

They would have been here by now if only they had been educated to value freedom, independence, self-reliance, limited government, personal responsibility and achievement.

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