Moshe Klessner, 18, shoots bulldozer terrorist in image from video

JERUSALEM – A heroic off-duty soldier who yesterday shot dead a terrorist on a murderous rampage was initially rejected from the Israeli military because he protested Israel’s 2005 retreat from the Gaza Strip, it emerged today.

The soldier, 20-year old Moshe Klessner, was forced to fight in court to get accepted into the military due to his activism against the Gaza evacuation.

Shocking video footage obtained by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper shows Klessner climbing onto a bulldozer driven by a terrorist against traffic and that was plowing into cars, buses and shocked crowds.

Klessner can be seen shooting the terrorist several times in the head, halting an attack that had already killed three – including two female teachers – and injured 57 others. Klessner had grabbed the gun of a nearby police officer.

In yesterday’s rampage, Jabr Duwait, a 30-year-old Palestinian Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem, drove the bulldozer on Jerusalem’s popular Jaffa Street. His attack sent pedestrians and bus passengers fleeing the scene. According to witness accounts, two women tossed their infants out of a bus window seconds before the bus was overturned. One of the women was killed in the attack.

Israeli media reports today revealed Klessner, who has thus far avoided the limelight, recently enlisted in an elite Israel Defense Forces commando unit after spending two years in court overturning an IDF decision against drafting him. Klessner had been refused, because he took part in the protests against Israel’s Gaza evacuation.

Klessner is a yeshiva graduate. He has turned down media requests for interviews but released a statement explaining he interceded in yesterday’s attack “in accordance with the (biblical) precept of ‘don’t stand by your brother’s blood,’ even at the risk of getting hurt.”

Apparently heroism runs close to Klessner. His brother-in-law, David Shapira, a civilian and former soldier, was the man who finally killed a terrorist gunman in March during a yeshiva massacre in Jerusalem in which eight students were murdered in cold blood. Shapira had run into the school while other police officers refused to engage the terrorist during the gunman’s rampage.

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