A major tracking poll for the first time shows Americans’ appproval of Congress has dipped below 10 percent.


The most recent Rasmussen Reports survey calculates a mere 9 percent say Congress is doing a good or excellent job, while a majority of Americans, 52 percent, believe it is doing a poor job, which also ties a record high.

Against President Bush’s much-publicized poor approval ratings, today’s
poll shows Congress’ numbers have plunged to less than a third of the

The Democrat-controlled Congress enjoys its highest rating among Democrat respondents, 13 percent of whom rated the Congress favorably. Only 8 percent of Republicans were willing to say Congress is doing a good job, while an almost non-existent 3 percent of unaffiliated voters gave Congress a positive rating.


The polling company also asked respondents if they thought Congress has passed any legislation in the last six months to improve life in the U.S.. Just 12 percent said yes, while 62 percent said Congress has done nothing to improve life in America. A further 55 percent said it was unlikely that Congress would do anything in the near future to address important problems facing the nation.

Despite dismal ratings for the Democratic Congress, another Rasmussen Report released today shows Americans are unwilling to vote the majority party out of office. When given the choice, 47 percent of voters said they would vote for their district’s Democratic candidate, while 34 percent said they would vote Republican.

In a related Rasmussen Reports survey, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama holds a 6 percent lead over rival John McCain (46 percent to 40 percent) in a poll released today, and President Bush scored a 32 percent approval rating in a poll released last week.

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