7 days in Caribbean paradise with Jerome Corsi

By WND Staff

Friends of WND who join the news organization’s seven-day cruise through the Western Caribbean this coming January will enjoy the company of top WND personalities – including the hottest author in the country, Jerome Corsi, author of the No. 1 New York Times best seller, “The Obama Nation.”

So great an impact has “The Obama Nation” already had on America, the establishment has gone into full attack-and-kill mode with Corsi. Typical is the public statement today of Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, who spewed: “Jerome Corsi is a discredited liar who is pedaling another piece of garbage to continue the Bush-Cheney politics he helped perpetuate four years ago.” The Obama campaign is understandably concerned about the effect of Corsi’s book, especially in light of the disastrous impact “Unfit for Command,” co-authored by Corsi, had on the 2004 presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry.

On the WND cruise, in addition to being able to hang out with Corsi and talk with him about the state of the world, you’ll also benefit from this Harvard Ph.D.’s astute economic and financial analysis. In fact, if you sign up during this special offer, you’ll get a FREE one-year subscription to Corsi’s RED ALERT, WND’s new elite weekly economic newsletter on how to understand and thrive during difficult financial times such as America is now facing.

About the cruise

From Jan. 4-11 – just before the 44th U.S. president is inaugurated and America plunges into a new era – WND co-founders Joseph and Elizabeth Farah will be joined by Corsi, WND Jerusalem bureau chief and author Aaron Klein, WND managing editor and author David Kupelian, and other WND folks on an exciting journey of discovery through the Western Caribbean.

Of course, while traveling together through the warm Caribbean, WND cruisers will do all the fun things cruisers do – like swimming, boating, snorkeling, eating well, and fellowshipping with friends old and new. But participants will also take a fascinating look into the future – “The Next Four Years” – which is the theme of next January’s cruise.

Cruisers will explore, discuss and strategize with WND’s top journalists how to survive personally, financially and spiritually, as well as how best to fight and win the battles for America’s soul and security.


Port destinations will include Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and the Florida keys.

Right now, Americans face a multitude of challenges – from crushingly high gas prices and a steadily deteriorating economy to unprecedented cultural assaults like same-sex marriage to the constant threat of terrorism to a virtual invasion from Mexico. In the midst of all these battles, this January America will change course by inaugurating a new president. But what will that course be?

Hence, the theme for WND’s January 09 cruise adventure is “America: The Next Four Years.” Because regardless of who is elected president, January 2009 will usher in a new era in American history – a time of great danger, but also great opportunity.

And that’s where Jerome Corsi comes in. Make no mistake, says Corsi, “America in the next four years will undergo a fundamental economic readjustment, the likes of which we have never before seen.” But change always brings with it opportunity. The key, says Corsi, is understanding what’s really happening – and acting on that understanding:

“In some ways, today’s economic crisis rivals the Depression – the bursting of the sub-prime mortgage crisis has caused a credit crisis of an unprecedented magnitude. The Federal Reserve has pumped billions of dollars of liquidity into banks and securities firms, just to prevent them from going into bankruptcy. Still, we are just witnessing the tip of the iceberg when Bear Stearns, a brokerage firm that had survived the Depression, went into bankruptcy and was liquidated.

“The dollar has never been so weak, reaching almost daily new lows against the euro and other major currencies.

“The European Union has now overtaken the United States as the world’s largest economy and millions of Americans have lost manufacturing, technical and service jobs to outsourcing overseas under the banner of globalism.

“In the next four years, we are certain to see a backlash against globalism that could well block the move to advance the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America into a North American Union, merging the United States politically and economically with Mexico and Canada.

“For the average middle class American, energy prices create a daily challenge, with gasoline now over $4.00 a gallon nationwide, with no sign of the price easing.

“Americans who survive and prosper in the next four years of troubled economic waters will need a clear understanding of the economic and political challenges we face, but also a definite plan for their family’s financial future in an environment of a declining dollar, inflation that affects hardest the basic requirements of life such as food, falling housing prices and increasing energy prices.”

Jerome Corsi’s RED ALERT – which, while this offer lasts, will be sent FREE to all new cruisers for an entire year – is aimed at providing global economic insight, with focus on U.S. economic markets, in order to present information and basic guidance to subscribers who are seeking not only to survive economically the next four years, but hopefully to come out ahead.

Corsi, a WND staff writer, bestselling author and columnist, received his Ph.D. in political science from Harvard in 1972. Among his many influential books have been “The Late Great USA,” exposing the campaign to integrate Mexico, Canada and the U.S., and “Unfit for Command,” which  he co-authored with John O’Neill, credited with derailing John Kerry’s quest for the presidency. His current book, of course, “The Obama Nation,” has taken the nation by storm, debuting on the New York Times list on the top spot.
But Corsi’s financial background is equally vast: For 25 years, he worked with banks throughout the U.S. and the world, developing financial services marketing companies to assist banks in establishing broker/dealers and insurance subsidiaries to provide financial planning products and services to their retail customers. He developed three third-party financial services marketing firms that reached annual gross sales levels of $1 billion in annuities and equal volume in mutual funds.

Perfect time to join WND’s 09 cruise!

In the run-up to WND’s last cruise, we ran out of cabins and some people unfortunately had to be turned away. To avoid a recurrence, why not make your reservations now while the selection of cabins is still great?

On WND’s January 2009 seven-day adventure, cruisers will board Holland America Lines’ luxury cruise ship the M.S. Veendam for a memorable trip to key western Caribbean destinations, with another island hop to Key West. Specifically, we’ll start out in:

  • Tampa, Fla. – A university town at heart, Tampa has myriad attractions: the palatial mansion and art museum of the king of the circus, John Ringling; the king of the jungle at Busch Gardens; the antique village of Ybor Square; the enchanting Sunken Gardens and much more. Next, a seafaring jaunt down to:

    Key West
  • Key West, Fla. – Climb into the open cockpit of a World War II biplane for an unforgettable aerial tour of Key West – a distinctly American town with the look and feel of the Caribbean. In town, you’ll see Ernest Hemingway’s home, Audubon House, and the “Little White House” where President Truman took his working vacations. Then it’s full steam toward the equator, stopping first at:
  • Belize: The capital city of a nation that has devoted 40 percent of its land to parks and natural reserves, Belize brings a gorgeous landscape and friendly people to the Caribbean coast. The land boasts a spectacular variety of natural features, from wildlife-packed tropical forests to a coastline teeming with fish sure to delight anglers and snorkelers. The next day, we’ll anchor on the gorgeous coast of:
  • Guatemala – Not to be missed is Quirigua National Park, where intricately carved stellae and zoomorphisms conceal the mysteries of a lost world. Santo Tomas de Castilla is your portal to fabulous Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Honduras. In Tikal, the plaza with seven great stone temples is hidden in the jungle; and at Copan you can see the “Paris of the Mayan world. Next day, we head north for:

    Costa Maya
  • Costa Maya, Mexico – The port near Costa Maya is one of the newest jewels of the Mexican Caribbean. This recently developed and unspoiled land is a wonderful starting point to explore the white beaches of Mayan Coast, the incredible, warm Caribbean waters of the Great Maya Reef, and the mysterious, surrounding cities featuring ancient ruins.

As all of these exotic locales are in tropical latitudes, and their climate tempered by the Gulf Stream and trade winds, they tend to stay between the 70s and 80s all year long.

Join us!

If all this sounds like the makings of a great vacation – combining fun, relaxation and the pursuit of truth – why not join us for an experience you’ll always remember?

And speaking of remembering, don’t forget – if you sign up now, we’ll send you a FREE one-year subscription to Jerome Corsi’s RED ALERT! (Already subscribe? We’ll extend your RED ALERT sub by an extra year.)

If you need more input to help you decide, be sure to check out the fun experienced on this year’s WND cruise.

Need more information about WND’s 2009 Caribbean Excursion? Get answers to all your questions from our partners at Sovereign Cruises. Or call them toll-free at 1-877-768-2784, ext. 105.