WASHINGTON – The hour is late, he warns.

Congress is counting the days until it adjourns for the year.

It’s exactly 75, he points out.

Senators and representatives know there is growing anger and frustration in the body politick over rising gas prices.

They know their excuses for inaction are not flying with the public, says the editor and founder of WND.

Joseph Farah is taking the unusual action of launching an ad hoc political movement in the waning days of the second session of the 110th Congress.

“I want to bring Congress to its knees,” he says. “I want to melt down their phones. I want to flood their e-mail boxes. I want to hold them as political hostages. The ransom demand is to unleash the free market to begin exploring and pumping domestic crude oil and getting it to market as fast as possible. We’ve got 75 days to make our voices heard. Let’s make history by bringing this recalcitrant body of elitists into compliance with the will of the people and the rule of law.”

After anxiously waiting for someone else to take the lead on demanding action of Congress, Farah came to the conclusion no one else was going to do it.

“We’re running out of time,” Farah says. “If we let these rascals, these scoundrels, leave town before they lift all their ridiculous bans and restrictions on drilling for domestic oil, this country is headed for a major recession. Even worse, we’ll head into a new year and a new presidency with the Washington elite thinking they put one over on us again.”

Farah says the only thing that can prevent the disaster of gasoline prices of $6, $7, even $8 a gallon in the near future is a general uprising of the American people.

“It’s time to stop business as usual,” he says. “Every day, you need to make some phone calls, you need to write some e-mails, you need to use Skype and text messages and even send some letters through the post office. This grass-roots movement has to build steadily for the next 75 days. We cannot allow Congress to adjourn without lifting the ban on drilling in ANWR, off shore and on public lands under which we know there are vast reserves of oil.”

Farah says it’s a national emergency and needs to be treated as such.

“I hope radio talk show hosts across the country will embrace this bipartisan, non-partisan movement,” he says. “There is no question in my mind this is what the American people want. Now it’s just time for them to impose their will on their elected representatives who, in their chauffeured limousines and taxpayer-supported travel, are hopelessly out of touch with their constituents, with people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet.”

Farah says he is convinced Congress will act only if the people steamroll members into action. He points to the way the Dubai port deal and so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” were killed by popular uprisings in recent years.

“We can make this happen, again,” he says. “But this time, we won’t just be stopping something bad from happening. We will be doing something that is very good for the country – something that will improve the lives of all of us, something that will improve national security, something vital for the future of the nation.”

Congress is set to adjourn on or about Oct. 3.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to push Congress into action in the next 75 days,” Farah says. “I know I can’t do it by myself. But I know if the American people get mobilized nothing can stop them. You have to let members of Congress know you are serious. You have to persuade them and their staffs they are not returning to Washington next year if they fail to act in America’s interest before they leave town.”

Before then, you can reach members of the House by calling 202-224-3121 or 202-225-1904. The official House website contains web pages for all members and includes e-mail addresses for most.

You can reach members of the U.S. Senate by calling 202-224-3121. The official Senate website also contains web pages for all members and includes e-mail address for some.

Farah adds: “After you have written or called your elected representatives and let them know where you stand, be sure to forward this article to all your friends. It’s time to start a national political wildfire.”


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