It is always amusing for me to read American columnists pontificating about Europe and Europeans. These would-be sophisticates demonstrably know next to nothing about European political realities. Their romantic views of Europe are formed by week-long visits to tourist havens such as Paris, London, Rome and Venice, and they don’t speak any continental languages. Thus, their impressions tend to be influenced by their very brief contacts with the English-speaking European elite, who possess views almost completely at odds with those of the great mass of common Europeans.

I say this with some degree of certainty, since unlike most editorialists, I have actually lived in Europe and also speak Italian and German. While the “citizen of the world” and “Parliament of Man” concepts held great appeal for many Europeans in the post-World War II period, the luster has been dimmed by real, ideal-shattering experience of the United Nations and the European Union. Unlike Americans, Europeans have been directly affected by the complete failure of the United Nations to operate as advertised, while the sordid, anti-democratic reality of the E.U. has demonstrated the corrupt supra-national organization to be far less a solution to national problems than the cause of a whole host of continent-wide ones.

The average Italian would much rather be ruled by the thieves they know in Rome – literal thieves (24 members of the national parliament have been convicted of criminal activity) – than the Eurofascists they don’t in Brussels. Despite the billions in pacification money funneled to Italy by Romano Prodi, the former president of the European Commission and two-time Italian prime minister, Italians still would still choose the lira over the euro if given the choice, since the euro has turned Italy from an inexpensive tourist destination into an expensive one and made what was once a reasonably competitive manufacturing location into completely noncompetitive one. Don’t be surprised when what have been mere grumbles grow into a serious anti-euro campaign that sweeps the country within the next decade.

Although my example is Italian, one could just as easily find a broad swath of similar sentiments being expressed in Britain, Holland, Ireland, Germany and even in France. I chose Italy, however, because it is the source of the image that competed last week with the stage-managed portrait of the Obamessiah appearing before the supposedly adoring European masses.

But the truth is that the crowds that came to see Obama were not adoring in the least; they were merely spectacle-seekers curious about the latest American political oddity. Not even the European press saw fit to fawn over the senator, as David Aaronovitch of the Times concluded that “eventually, we will all hate Obama too,” while Gerard Baker shamed an entire nation of hapless comedians with his scathingly brutal demolition of Obama’s European tour titled “He ventured forth to bring light to the world“.

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary, he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of working-class whites. And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the child ventured forth – for the first time – to bring the light unto all the world.

What is the connection between Italian indifference to dead Roma girls and European indifference to the nebulous HopeChange pushed by Barack Obama? It is that Europeans previously bought this same pig in a poke. The fluffy promises of progress, change and unity Obama makes are all too similar to those made by a previous generation of European politicians, promises that have resulted in the importation of a foreign criminal class, fewer jobs, fewer families, a vastly increased cost of living, limited economic prospects for the future and the loss of democratic rule. Europeans have recognized Obama for a fraud even without being privy to his frequent misstatements of fact; the magical negritude that has so dazzled the superficial American press no longer disguises the fact that Sen. “57 States” is little more than an empty-headed newscaster with a nice voice who is skilled at reading the teleprompter. No wonder the American media likes him – he could easily have been one of them.

Of course, a failed world tour doesn’t mean a failed presidential campaign. It is worth noting, however, that if Obama’s fraudulence extends to his birth certificate, all of the HopeChange will go for naught. Hope may be audacious, but then, so are conmen.

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