Hunters in northern Georgia claim they have a  “Bigfoot” carcass stored in a freezer and promise to release telling photographs and DNA evidence of the legendary creature.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer plan to fly to Palo Alto, Calif., and unveil proof of their discovery at a noon press conference Friday at the Cabana Hotel, according to a report by Searching for Bigfoot Inc. The event will be open to members of the news media only.

Photo courtesy Searching for Bigfoot Inc., used with permission

Whitton is a Clayton County, Ga., police officer who has been on administrative leave recovering from an injury he received while pursuing a suspect. Dyer was previously a correction officer. The two men own Bigfoot Global LLC., a business that sells Bigfoot expeditions.

Whitton and Dyer are collaborating with Tom Biscardi of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. to study the evidence, according to the report.

The hunters originally announced their find on “Squatch Detective,” an Internet radio show hosted by Steve Kulls. Dyer declined to allow a representative of the show to confirm the story, but he said he would allow only one person to view the evidence.

“The only person we would allow to come down and verify the body was ‘the real Bigfoot Hunter,’ Tom Biscardi,” Dyer said.

The website claims a team of scientists – including a molecular biologist, anthropologist and a paleontologist – will perform scientific studies on the creature in the upcoming months and document their findings. The study will be filmed by Scott Davis, independent producer and owner of TV Biz Productions in Phoenix, Ariz., the website said.

According to the Searching for Bigfoot website, a team has been organized to capture another Bigfoot creature – but this time, they want to bring it home alive. The search is scheduled to begin soon, though the organization will not disclose the date or location.

The hunters named the body “Rickmat” – a combination of their own first names.

The Searching for Bigfoot website offered the following “vital statistics” on the body:

  • It is said to weigh more than 500 pounds
  • The creature appears to be part human and part ape
  • It is male
  • It has reddish hair and blackish-gray eyes
  • It has two arms, two legs, five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot
  • The feet are flat and similar to human feet
  • Its footprint is 16 ¾ inches long and 5 ¾ inches wide at the heel
  • From the palm of the hand to the tip of the middle finger, its hands are 11 and ¾ inches long and 6 and ¼ inches wide
  • The creatures walk upright (several are said to have been sighted on the day the body was found)
  • The teeth are more human-like than ape-like

Time will tell if the discovery is real. According to, on Aug. 19, 2005, Biscardi appeared on the radio show “Coast to Coast with George Noory,” claiming his group had captured a Bigfoot a week earlier, a male beast that weighed over 400 pounds and stood eight feet tall.

He said he would present photos of the Bigfoot in 2005.

“It turned out to be a hoax,” the website said.


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