WASHINGTON – To test his theory that Americans are deeply disenchanted with their two major-party choices for president, WND Editor Joseph Farah, author of the new book, “None of the Above: Why 2008 Is the Year to Cast the Ultimate Protest Vote,” commissioned a nationwide poll conducted a week ago by Zogby International that has produced results what he calls “stunning” results.

The survey results will be released first by Farah tonight during an interview with Michael Savage on his national syndicated radio program. Minutes later, the full poll results will be available on WND.

Unlike any other scientific poll conducted in 2008, this survey asked randomly selected respondents about their level of enthusiasm for presidential candidates and offered the actual alternatives to the major party candidates that will appear on most ballots across the country – as well as the option of simply not voting.

Zogby International conducted the telephone poll for WND between Aug. 7 and Aug. 10, asking 25 questions of 1,205 adults, 93 percent of whom were registered voters. Of the total, 446, or 37 percent, said they were Democrats, while 422, or 35 percent, said they were Republicans. Independents totaled 301 or 25 percent, while 36, or 3 percent, declined to state their party preference. The scientific poll has a margin of error between 2.9 percentage points.

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