Illegals packed like sardines

Border agents find 10 illicit aliens smuggled inside pickup truck's toolbox

Ten illegal aliens have been busted by Border Patrol agents after they attempted to gain entry into the United States by huddling inside a pickup toolbox.

A vehicle disguised as a Kiewit Corporation construction truck in San Ysidro, Calif., carried the illegal aliens from Mexico into the U.S., the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Kiewit is currently contracted to work on a construction job located near the border.

Ten illegal aliens pack into truck toolbox and attempt to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The driver impersonated a construction worker by wearing a yellow hard hat and reflective orange safety vest.

However, authorities caught wind of the scheme when they observed the pickup parked in an isolated location next to the U.S.-Mexico border fence. Border Patrol agents pursued the truck after the license plate number revealed the truck belonged to a San Diego resident – not Kiewit Corporation.

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The driver accelerated when he saw the agents, but authorities apprehended him after they dropped a spike strip near Interstate 5. When they searched the vehicle, agents found one illegal alien in the cab and 10 more packed into a bogus toolbox.

According to the Union-Tribune, the arrest happened just three days after Border Patrol agents arrested a woman driving a Ford Taurus she disguised as a San Diego Gas & Electric vehicle. She was attempting to smuggle 223 pounds of marijuana into the U.S.

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