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MI5 headquarters

LONDON — The British intelligence service MI5 has launched its first recruiting drive for homosexual spies and support staff – abandoning almost a century of policy that barred such employees because they would be vulnerable to blackmail, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The security service has teamed up with Stonewall, Britain’s leading “gay” lobby group, to help find 500 more intelligence officers and support staff.

Recruiters will focus on homosexual clubs, and advertisements will be placed in “gay” magazines.

“We are looking for linguists and technology experts. We are especially interested in attracting lesbians who have their own skills for getting on with people and of fitting in. They are good at assimilating themselves and we know a number of Muslim women are lesbian and have had no chance to come out. Working for us will give them that opportunity,” said an MI5 source.

MI5 is the first British intelligence service to appear in Stonewall’s graduate recruitment guide, which goes to all universities.

“Women university graduates who possess a high degree of personal integrity, communication skills and are resourceful will be most welcome to apply,” confirmed an MI5 recruiting officer.

Successful “gay” spies will be trained in how to trawl the country’s 48 campuses to discover the latest number of students who have joined Islamic societies, many of which promote radical views.

Despite raised eyebrows among many veteran male MI5 officers, Jonathan Evans, the Security Service’s director-general, has told them recruiting homosexuals is an important development in making MI5 more reflective of the general population.

The attitude has come a long way since MI5 led the hunt for the infamous “Cambridge Five” spy ring at Cambridge University, a group of homosexuals working for both MI5 and MI6 that spied for the Soviet Union from the 1930s to the 1950s.

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