DENVER – Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama is solidly out of step with the majority of likely voters who define marriage as only one man and one woman and believe that life begins at conception, according to a new WND/Zogby poll.

Obama has lobbied intensely for “equal rights” for all Americans, including same-sex couples, to be married and has promised virtually unlimited abortion on demand as one of his first priorities in the Oval Office.

Those positions have sent a conflicting message to the Christians and evangelicals he’s tried to lure into his camp with outreaches that have included the independent “Matthew 25 Network” project. A Pew Research poll just a week ago revealed “no significant gains” for Obama among the important category of white evangelical voters.

The newest WND/Zogby poll results assessing the 2008 election showed 58.3 percent would support “a ballot measure in your state” limiting marriage to one man and one woman. Another 36.2 percent would oppose the plan.

The survey questioned 1,099 likely voters from Aug. 22-24 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

Currently Massachusetts and California both allow same-sex “marriage” for both residents and non-residents, meaning duos can travel to those states, get “married,” then return to their homes with their marriage license. California’s plan, however, is facing a vote of the people in November, since more than 1.1 million voters signed petitions demanding it be put on the ballot.

The new poll also found 59 percent believe human life begins at conception, 16.8 percent think it begins when the baby can survive outside the womb with medical assistance, and 17.2 said life begins at birth.

In contrast, Obama, as an Illinois state senator, opposed a measure to protect babies who survive abortion procedures, because, among other reasons, it would be too burdensome on abortionists.

Joshua DuBois, who has worked on Obama’s “faith outreach,” says the campaign is dedicated to reaching “people of faith broadly and trying to bridge religious divides.” His goal has been to pry loose the GOP’s hold on white churchgoers.

While the campaign has been “reaching out” to those voters, Obama’s open disagreement with evangelical leaders on  homosexual marriage and abortion apparently hasn’t softened.

A recent report card from the Campaign for Children and Families described Obama’s “unrepudiated positions” of support for homosexual “marriage,” teaching homosexuality to school children and adoption by homosexuals.

Obama in June told a homosexual activist group he opposes the “divisive and discriminatory efforts” to install in the California constitution a definition of marriage limiting it to one man and one woman, the report card says.

His wife, Michelle, told the Democratic National Commmittee’s “Gay” and Lesbian Leadership Council, “Barack has made crystal clear his commitment to ensuring full equality for LGBT couples … that’s why he opposes all divisive and discriminatory constitutuional amendments, whether it’s a proposed amendment to the California and Florida constitutions or the U.S. Constitution.”

But the WND/Zogby poll showed support for one-man-one-woman marriage among all regions of the country, all education levels and all age and economic groups. Essentially the support for same-sex “marriages” was confined to people who never attend church and subscribe to a more progressive or liberal mindset.

Likewise with abortion, respondents said they would oppose 55.3-to-27.7 percent a president who does not know when life begins. The question referenced Obama’s recent response at a campaign appearance with GOP candidate Sen. John McCain at pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. Obama told Warren determining when life begins was “above my pay grade.”

In the name of the Father

Set up within the security perimeter at the DNC in Denver this week is a huge area promoting condoms (WND Photo)

At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the conflicting messages from Obama’s campaign continued. Polly Baca, a regional leader in Democratic circles, prayed “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” to open the DNC today, citing “the words of Jesus Christ who called upon us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and care for the least among us.”

But the convention also featured remarks from Nancy Keenan in support of abortion on demand.

“On behalf of NARAL Pro-Choice America and our 1 million member activists, I am honored to be at this historic convention where delegates will nominate Sen. Barack Obama as the next pro-choice president of the United States,” she said in prepared remarks.

Also at the DNC, within its secured perimeter, officials allowed a condom manufacturer to set up a massive display area to encourage “healthy” sexual activity.

Obama repeatedly has claimed a Christian belief, but also has expressed doubts whether Jesus is the only way to God and continues to advocate for abortions and same-sex “rights.”

The WND/Zogby poll also asked whether voters would support candidates who wanted to offer vouchers for students to attend private and parochial schools. Just over 26 percent said yes, while 67.3 percent said more money should be given to public education systems.

The poll found 81.6 percent agreed it should be illegal for convicts on probation to have contact with gangs, while 12.4 percent disagreed. Also, referring to the recent report of Obama’s impoverished half-brother in Kenya, 83.9 percent said they would help financially if they knew they had a step-brother living on $300 a year, while 6.4 percent said they would not.


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