You [Sister Helen Prejean] are a clear and present danger, not only to the survival of America, but to the Democrat Party. … In my opinion, she is more closely associated with being a witch than a nun.

~ Dr. Michael Savage

As I watched the Democratic convention this past week, I also was listening to my favorite radio talk-show host, that fabulous iconoclast and conservative intellectual, Dr. Michael Savage. Admittedly, the news coverage in my view was monolith and unremarkable. I considered the entire event a garish spectacle of nothingness. When I could take no more doublespeak, the commercials were over and I returned to listening to Michael Savage.

One of the things I didn’t see on any of the other networks, including Fox News, was Savage’s in-depth, extemporaneous analysis of excerpts from a speech by the controversial Catholic nun Sister Helen Prejean at the inter-faith part of the convention on Monday.

At the time of this writing, the media self-censorship of this event was complete. Neither I nor several colleagues and media entities I contacted could find a single transcript (either video or print) of what she said at the convention. Orwellian, isn’t it?

The extensive excerpts Savage played of this Marxist false prophet amazingly paralleled the radicalism, hate, venal lies and revisionist history of Sen. Barack Obama’s “former” pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As I listened to excerpts of Sister Prejean’s speech, despite her monotonic voice and grandmotherly appearance, I had an uneasy feeling that I was listening to the words of pure evil and deceit spoken with the usual combination of glibness, arrogance and certitude we have come to expect from liberals who think they are smarter than anyone else.

Sister Prejen is a noted anti-death penalty activist despite the Bible’s repeated commandments throughout the Old and New Testaments mandating that murderers, or those who willfully and wantonly kill others without just cause, should themselves be put to death. The Romans called this ancient principle of natural law lex talionis – an eye for an eye. To her credit, Prejean is also a staunch pro-life activist.

An autobiographical account of her life was published as a book in 1993, “Dead Man Walking,” later adapted into a movie (1995) and an opera (2000) by the same name, which tells the story of Prejean (played by Susan Sarandon), who befriended Matthew Poncelet, a prisoner on death row (played by Sean Penn). Prejean also made a minor cameo appearance as a woman in a candlelight vigil scene outside Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Since the worldwide fame of the book, movie and opera of her anti-death penalty work, (all three works in my opinion are of increasingly dubious literary value) Sister Prejean has skillfully parlayed that notoriety bequeathed to her by the Hollywood left into a vehicle to espouse her radical ideas to the world – a combination of militant anti-death penalty rhetoric cloaked in the propaganda of liberation theology, Marxist economics and radical socialist politics that would make Stalin proud.

Prejean’s hackneyed brand of religious progressivism (fashionable in America from 1900-15 and the 1930s onward) can be easily summarized with the following mantras:

  • The god-State wants us to use government to control others for the common or greater good [early progressivism founded in utilitarianism];
  • White man = bad;
  • People of color, women = victims of the white man’s evil nature [post-1960s progressivism].

Sister Prejean, according to an article in the Honolulu Advertiser, received a standing ovation after calling for the creation of a peace academy, non-violent conflict resolution education in all schools, a shift from defense spending to social programs, and a government apology for the treatment of American Indians whom, she claims America committed genocide against and “stole their land.” Later in that speech she claimed, “They let us be free to speak our minds today.”

On his radio show earlier this week, Savage picked up on the unintended consequences of letting liberals be free to speak their minds. This parade of radicals will demonstrate to the heartland of America how extreme liberalism has devolved just since the early 1960s when JFK ran on a conservative platform – from economics and civil rights to his hawkish foreign interventions and war policy. On many issues today, JFK would be considered to the right of Ronald Reagan!

That Obama obviously felt comfortable selecting Sister Helen Prejean, a certified Marxist, a radical nun and purveyor of the cult of liberation theology, as a convention speaker is beyond the pale. But why did Obama do it?

First, Obama, like his “former” pastor, Rev. Jeremiah, is in agreement with her brand of Marxism rooted in the cult of liberation theology – a bizarre and perverse interpretation of the Bible filled with god-State utopianism, historical revisionism, vulgar racialism, class-based politics and Marxist economics.

Second, the Democratic Party, which, going back to FDR, scrupulously separated law from morality, thus dispelling the need of religion playing any viable role in politics, is now trying to learn from their mistakes of the 2000 and 2004 elections by actively soliciting the “religious vote.”

Remember in 2004 when Bush narrowly defeated Kerry and the 2000 election in which Bush and Gore were so statistically close in electoral votes that it would be up to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide who would become our 43rd president? People of faith arguably tipped the scales in Bush’s favor both times.

That said, there is an existing, intractable “religion gap” the Democrats must acknowledge and bridge before they will have any hope of securing the presidency again.

The blog was one of the few venues that had anything substantive about Sister Prejean’s speech this week. The blogger summarized her perverse interpretation of the Eighth Amendment’s cruel-and-unusual-punishment clause in this manner:

What Prejean rails against was actually the means for saving the murderer’s soul, and not her pleas or her unconditional love.

Prejean’s blindness to this fact demonstrates a general blindness on the left: They are blind to the real causes of what they rail against and the recommend remedies, which would make the problems worse … such as higher taxes to help the poor. This has never worked anywhere or at anytime; it has always made things worse.

Notwithstanding its early religious roots, the progressive movement of today has an utter disregard, even a venal hatred of formal religion (particularly Christianity). That said, the inclusion of the so-called “inter-faith” conference as part of their convention platform can be only construed as a cynical gesture by the Democrats to have the appearance that liberals actually care about religious voters too … trust me, they don’t.

Liberals, particularly its political leadership, its diehard activists in unison with the mainstream media, have little use for any religious ideas in politics because since FDR, liberalism itself has become their supreme religion and god (little “g”), or to paraphrase Machiavelli – Politics is the pursuit and acquisition of political power by any means necessary.

Sister Helen Prejean’s speech at the Democratic convention last Monday, although censored by the mainstream media, including omission from the official website of the DNC, was truly a shameful example of a person using her sacred office as a means to an ignominious end.

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