Sen. Barack Obama with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Sen. Barack Obama’s controversial former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright re-surfaced yesterday, delivering a guest lecture at a Texas church in which he made racially, sexually charged comments regarding Obama’s bid for the White House.

“This ordinary boy just might be, come November the 4th, this ordinary boy from a single parent home with a daddy from Kenya and a mama from Kansas. This ordinary boy just might be the first president in the history of the United States to have a black woman sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania, legally,” Wright said at downtown Houston’s Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Wright has been a regular guest minister at Wheeler church for more than 15 years, although he canceled a scheduled appearance in March citing security concerns.

It was in March when Obama came under fire for a series of Wright’s anti-American and anti-Israel remarks which had been aired on national television. That eventually prompted the Illinois senator to distance himself from some of Wright’s comments and ultimately leave Trinity United Church of Christ, where Obama had attended for nearly 20 years.

MSNBC was on hand for Wright’s sermon yesterday, in which the retired pastor recalled meeting Obama:

“Twenty years ago, a scrawny little kid with a pointed nose and big ears – mama from Kansas and daddy from Kenya,” he began. “An ordinary black boy raised in a single-parent home. The boy walked into my office 20 years ago to talk about his dream for a community that concentrated on things that we could achieve in common, things that united us rather than to focus on all the problems and the issues in the community about which we disagree or the things that divided us.”

Wright compared Obama to Rev. Martin Luther King and activist Rosa Parks, explaining the personalities serve as examples of God turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

While Wright was a major issue for Obama during the primaries for the Democrat ticket, the pastor and his controversial remarks have all but disappeared from the debate surrounding the presidential campaign.


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