I now know what Barack Obama was thinking when he said he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” if they “ma[d]e a mistake” and had premarital sex.

How pathetic that Obama obviously had his own tribe, liberals, in mind, who sure know how to mete out punishment with vicious aplomb at such times.

Thanks to a Daily Kos blogger, who falsely accused Sarah Palin of faking her pregnancy with now 4-month-old son Trig to cover for his real mother, her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, the Palin family was forced to announce Sept. 1 that unmarried Bristol is five months pregnant.

Besides the fact the Daily Kos blogger had obviously been watching too many soap operas, he flouted the supposed rule that candidates’ children are off limits, even posting close-ups of Bristol’s belly. After being up three days, the post was only removed thanks to more exciting Bristol fare.

The Palins’ statement stood in sharp contrast to Obama’s about his own potential grandbaby. Their grandchild will read it someday and know he or she was wanted and loved from the start, despite adverse circumstances:

Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.

Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family.

Simply, the left wants to make sure any girl in a similar situation aborts. AlterNet already has its long knives out, counting the days until Palin is off McCain’s ticket and questioning his judgment in selecting her:

… [T]here are legitimate larger questions about what the surprise choice of Palin as McCain’s running mate reveals about the GOP presidential candidate’s judgment and temperament.

The facts surrounding the Palin family’s pregnancies … suggest the Alaska governor will at the very least have many distractions while she is campaigning this fall, to say nothing of her fitness to become commander in chief.

Note “pregnancies,” as in plural. The left thinks both Palins should have aborted their babies – one untimely and one imperfect, since Trig has Down syndrome. They consider these babies “distractions.” Liberals think choosing life over abortion in these instances is abnormal, indicators of lack of “fitness to become commander in chief.” How repulsive.

Speaking of, liberals could go no lower than Fox host Alan Colmes did Aug. 31, with a post he was shamed into removing after it incited an uproar.

Entitled, “Did Palin take proper pre-natal care?” Colmes questioned Palin’s judgment for not immediately hopping into a hospital bed when her bag of waters began leaking when pregnant with Trig.

Colmes did not apologize for his accusation. He just apologized for not being clear about his accusation. He then canceled out the pseudo apology by blaming conservatives for misunderstanding his accusation. Colmes corroborated himself by quoting atta-boy liberal blogger Jaru, who “love[d] how everyone keeps trying to accuse Alan of accusing Princess Mooseburger of birthing a mentally retarded child on purpose.”

Yes, Colmes actually posted “Princess Mooseburger” on his blog.

And the boy is not “mentally retarded”; he has Down syndrome. Two different anomalies – anomalies to humans at least.

But Jaru did get right that Palin birthed Trig on purpose. Ninety percent of mothers carrying babies with Down syndrome abort them these days, and Palin’s doctors recommended that to her. But she chose life.

As a registered nurse, I held one of those 90 percents, a little guy with Down syndrome who survived his abortion.

Obama heard my testimony three separate times and still led the opposition against a bill geared to stop hospitals from shelving abortion survivors to died in soiled utility rooms.

It is black versus white in more ways than one.

If I was ever unsure of John McCain’s pro-life bona fides before, I am no longer. The man put his presidency on the line for the sanctity of life.

McCain thought Sarah Palin was his best choice for vice president, in part due to her charactered decision to welcome Trig and despite the fact Bristol’s pregnancy would attract smears.

I am now a sold-out McCain supporter. Absolutely do not drop Sarah Palin, Sen. McCain.

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