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Iranian TV goes ga-ga over Obama

Mohammad-Ali Fardanesh

JERUSALEM – GOP Sen. John McCain is “absentminded” and “terrible” and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, doesn’t have any appropriate experience.

Sen. Barack Obama, by contrast, is “highly educated” and “eloquent” and would serve the world much better and improve America’s overall situation.

And Sen. Joe Biden is a “very respectable” man with a “good reputation.”

All this according to an interview broadcast this week on Iranian state-run media.

“[McCain] doesn’t know anything, poor thing. He is terrible. Let me tell you, he’s awful,” stated Mohammad-Ali Fardanesh, a political science professor at Shahid Behshti University, which is an Iranian state-funded school.

Fardanesh was speaking Tuesday on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting television network in an interview translated today by the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.


Continued Fardanesh about McCain: “He doesn’t know the difference between Shiites and Sunnis, yet he wants to resolve the problems in Iraq? He doesn’t know whether Iran is Shiite or Sunni, or the difference between the two. … He is a respectable, humane, honest, and patriotic man, but when it comes to foreign policy and domestic affairs, he has nothing to offer.”

“McCain not only has no experience, but doesn’t even know where ‘abroad’ is. The poor guy is very absentminded,” said Fardanesh.

The political science professor, billed by Iranian television as a U.S. expert, then turned his sights on Palin, calling her inexperienced.

“I don’t think her husband knows about her experience either. She doesn’t have any experience,” he said.

When an interviewer pointed out Palin is the governor of Alaska, Fardanesh responded, “Sixteen months. She was the mayor of a town of 10,000 residents. The previous governor of Alaska was a very corrupt man, and anybody running against him would have won. That’s how she won.”

Fardanesh then lavished praise on Obama, stating his election would “improve the situation in America in general.”

“The flaw they see in Mr. Obama – which they don’t admit – is that he is highly educated and very eloquent. What does he speak so eloquently for?! Mr. McCain, who considers himself such an expert in international politics, still says ‘Czechoslovakia.'”

“Mr. Obama’s perspective is more clear. Only yesterday, they transferred control of the Al-Anbar province to the Iraqi government, on the first day of Ramadan. This is something Mr. Obama has been saying. Mr. Obama has said several times: ‘Al-Qaida operates in 80 countries, but we got ourselves entangled in Iraq. Our presence in Iraq is what led al-Qaida to begin operating there.'”

Asked about Biden, Fardanesh called him “a very respectable man. He has a good reputation, and he is respectable and healthy. He has been in the Senate for 36 years, since he was 29. They are more knowledgeable in foreign affairs.”

Turning back to McCain, Fardanesh concluded, “My problem is that McCain is a war hero, a veteran pilot, whose plane crashed in Vietnam and who spent eight and a half years at war.”


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