As the No. 1 New York Times best seller, its jaw-dropping revelations so concerned Barack Obama during the 2008 election season that at one point he publicly lashed out at the author, accusing him of “just makin’ stuff up!” Today it remains a brilliant and disturbing exploration of what has shaped America’s most controversial president. And today only, WND readers can get a hardcover copy of Jerome Corsi’s mega-bestseller “The Obama Nation” for only $4.95!

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Ever since its debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality”

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has bedeviled Obama. Fearful that he would share the fate of John Kerry – whose 2004 presidential ambitions were thwarted in a major way by the Swiftboat-vet blockbuster  “Unfit for Command,” co-authored by Corsi – Obama and his team personally attacked WND’s senior staff reporter, claiming Corsi is a “liar” and “vile fraudster.”

Obama told a Lynchburg, Va., crowd: “I don’t find myself particularly scary or particularly risky, but I mean, they’re good at it. So they’ve got these ads with Paris [Hilton] and Britney [Spears] and they’ve got some guy who just a wrote a book. He just makin’ stuff up, just makes stuff up. But it gets a lot of play on Fox News. After a while people start thinking, ‘God, he does have a funny name,’ or believing false rumors about me they get in e-mails about Obama’s religion or patriotism.”

“He’s come unglued,” Corsi responded during an appearance on Fox News Channel. “If he can’t handle a book and the First Amendment,” said Corsi, as president “all the enemies of the United States need to do to rattle him is to publish a cartoon about him or write a book.”

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