On July 22, 2008, while visiting the Middle East, presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama declared that Jerusalem should be the “undivided capital” of Israel. The very next day, he lauded the Jewish state as being a “miracle.”

Then, one week later, on July 30, unknowingly echoing a large chorus of top prophecy scholars, he was quoted on ABC television as stating:

“Israel will launch a military attack on Iran if nuclear sanctions don’t work.”

Did G-d decide to sidestep the present Bush administration’s Roadmap Plan for Peace in the Middle East and pronounce divine judgment through a Democrat?

Politics or prophecy, call it what you like, this statement made by one of Washington’s most liberal senators has biblical merit. Be it an educated guess, “Freudian slip” or prophetic utterance, the declaration “Israel will launch a military attack on Iran” may be foretelling the next Middle East news headline.

According to the Bible, two significant events are set to explode sequentially in the Cradle of Civilization, and the neutralization of Iranian nuclear sites and/or assassination of ancient Persia’s president may be what sets the first event in motion.

In my recently released book, “Isralestine, The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East,” I point out that the next Arab-Israeli war on the horizon includes an Arab confederacy described in Psalm 83. Yet Persia, modern-day Iran, does not partner with this coming Arab confederacy. Why not? What causes Israel’s chief nemesis of today to abstain from this major looming event?

Although Iran is conspicuously absent from Psalm 83, the first big event, it is undeniably a central player in the ensuing episode described by the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel, in his Old Testament chapters 38 and 39. Ezekiel’s prophecy places Russia and Iran, who have never had better national relations than today, together in a nine-member nuclear equipped invasion of Israel.

Psalm 83 could find final fulfillment any day now; conversely, the world stage is not set for Ezekiel’s massive invasion. The nation of Israel today does not adequately meet the description of Ezekiel’s characteristics. They are not “dwelling securely, without walls, in possession of exceedingly great plunder” – just to mention a few prophetic prerequisites outlined in “Isralestine.”

Ezekiel’s invasion follows like a “Goliath” shadow on the heels of the Psalm 83 Arab-Israeli conflict. Therefore, for reasons vastly different than Barack Obama’s, I agree with him in this instance, that Israel, or something cataclysmic, could soon neutralize Iran. A significant event may overtake the rogue Iranian state rendering it inoperative and of little utility to the Psalm 83 Arab cause, which is the destruction of the Jewish state, “that the name Israel be remembered no more” (Psalm 83:4).

The vastly overlooked fact that Persia does not participate in Psalm 83 suggests this country, which can’t control its boisterous presidential mouthpiece, could soon come under some crippling assault. Furthermore, in keeping with the Genesis 12:3 curse for curse, divine foreign policy, it will likely be outsourced from the Israeli Defense Forces alongside or supported by their American allies. Iran seeks to curse Israel, and as such it could become cursed.

Presently, the Middle East looks like a military chess match waiting to play out. Hezbollah and Hamas have become armed and dangerous. Russia has allied with Iran and is actively enhancing Iranian nuclear and related military capabilities. Iran, Syria and Hezbollah want to destroy Israel, and have been seen recently collaborating at strategic military sites. America is heavily deployed in Iraq, the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf. Israel vs. Iran is the perfect scenario to temporarily postpone Persian plans to “wipe Israel off of the map.”

If Israel takes out Iran’s key nuclear sites, and/or assassinates its outspoken president, it should cause the Ezekiel 38 Russian-Iranian relations to rebuild and become stronger than ever. With Iran temporarily benched on the sidelines, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaida, Palestinians, Syrians, Saudis and other Psalm 83 member populations would be infuriated and possibly threatened by Israel’s display of military might. As a result, the 3,000-year-old prophecy of the Psalmist Asaph could be on the big screen before the world knows it.

Whether this November the newly discovered Palin power prevails, or the presidential elections swing in favor of the Democrats, perhaps the “Obama Prophecy” should be given a second look. Who knows, these all-important 2008 elections might not be influenced by domestic issues in the heartland of America, rather by prophetic events due to unfold in the ancient battlegrounds of the future Middle East!

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